Any pointers on how to keep a JennAir gas countertop range clean? It really takes a long time to clean it up every night, and grease spatters are the absolute worst. Any hints on cleaners or even putting down some sort of mat (if that is even possible) beneath the burners. Maybe covers on those we aren't using will at least minimize the cleanup? We also have black granite countertops which are gorgeous, but require not only cleaning but shining every night - so pretty, but man, I'm going to have to quit my day job if I want these things clean! Thanks!

  JennAir gas countertop range - how to keep clean? carolekv Any pointers on how ...
I have a ceran glass top at home, and I use a JennAir Cooktop for catering a lot.

I have found that using Whirlpool Cooktop protectant on it the units clean up a lot easier than before I starting using the product.
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  Re: JennAir gas countertop range - how to keep clean? bbally I have a ceran glass...
Aluminum foil under and around the burners, and spatter screens for the pans:

[Image: 51b8dj5kyqlaa280fx2.jpg]
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JennAir gas countertop range - how to keep clean?

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