William has needed the camera, and I just have not been able to document this day. I thought I'd do that today. I apologize for saving the pics in a larger size than I intended, but I'm not redoing now...LOL!

We have a local organization which is part of a national group who's 5 Point laws are Protection, Conservation, Education, Sportsmanship, and Fellowship. Every year for about the last 10, our local group has held a cookoff/fundraiser. I have not been in a few years, so I thought I'd check them out. Here is a shot of their logo and some taxidermy (mostly roadkill...no, noone killed that baby deer!) to educate the public on animals indigenous to our state.

[Image: WildlifeAction.jpg]
They do lots of things for the kids, including this cute station where you could build your own bluebird house.
[Image: BuildingaBirdhouse.jpg]
This year's winner has won for 3 years running. He's got quite a set up and the only one to really pay attention to detail. Plus, the stuff was GOOD! He did a really good marinated venison, but the pheasant fajitas, were my favorite...that and his bouillabaisse(didn't get a picture of that).
[Image: TheWinner.jpg]
[Image: MarinatedVenison.jpg]
[Image: PheasantFajitas.jpg]
Then there was a young man in the under 12 group that made this interesting dish (didn't get to taste this one), but I thought it was quite creative. It's pork chops with a cantalope cream sauce, that he created all by himself. He was from a local 4H chapter. He even had a little chef hat and all.(picture too blurry to share)[Image: HoneyCantalopePorkchop.jpg]

After the cookoff, William asked me to come out to a friend's farm. (These are pics of thier place...a lot like what we'd like to do at our place.) His wife has taken over creating quite a village. She's responsible for the improvements on the cabin (used to be an old tobacco barn) and setting up the outhouse and authentic teepee. The last structure is also an old tobacco barn that is used for storage and is where we do our outdoor cooking.
[Image: CabinfromFront.jpg]
[Image: BunnysOuthouse.jpg]
[Image: TheTeepee.jpg]
[Image: Barn.jpg]

After visiting a bit, William had YS take me to the site of this day's "work". I've labeled these pics...in order: Dumb, Dumber, What were you thinking? The blue tractor in these pics are OUR tractor! Our friend has yet to give a satisfactory excuse for getting into this prediciment. William has yet to explain what he was thinking trying to help out when it was so wet!
[Image: Dumb.jpg]
[Image: Dumber.jpg]
[Image: Whatwereyouthinking.jpg]

All in all, it was a good day, and I tasted some really good stuff. If you get a chance, you may want to check out the Wildlife Action website. They have several cookbooks available if you're interested in wild game. My day was a lot better than the gang at the farm...LOL!
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  The Wildlife Game Cookoff (long due to pictures) Gourmet_Mom William has needed t...
What a fun day, Daphne!! Looks like some of the escapades Roy has done with his tractor.....one included losing control down hill...sideways.

That cook off must have been fun - and what a great plate for that little guy!
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  Re: The Wildlife Game Cookoff (long due to pictures) cjs What a fun day, Daph...
I like William!! (You too)! I founded our Ducks Unlimited Chapter here 25 years ago. We raised the most money of any chapter our size in the US last year. I'm proud--give my best to William.
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  Re: The Wildlife Game Cookoff (long due to pictures) Old Bay I like William!! (Yo...
Will do Bill! Congrats on the fund raising! LOT OF WORK!

William has so much he wants to do at our farm, it's like watching a dog chase his tail...LOL! One thing we will eventually have is a duck empoundment (?). There are 3 low areas on our property, similar to what is pictured in the tractor photos. These will eventually be dug out and allowed to fill naturally. Our property is adjacent to a swamp...Slapa$$ Swamp according to the old deed...now named just Slap Swamp. The Nature Conservency (sp?) has purchased 2500 acres on 3 sides of the property, so we're hoping it will one day be a successful hunting camp. William has never joined DU here since the local chapter consists of ONLY duck hunters or in it for the prestige. He has always been an avid duck and deer hunter, though.
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  Re: The Wildlife Game Cookoff (long due to pictures) Gourmet_Mom Will do Bill! Congr...
A lot better than the Wild Game Feed I went to a couple of weeks ago with a bunch of drunk local guys at the local Moose Lodge with all sorts of over cooked stuff that was made the exact same way...on the grill with Lowery's. Even with their wild life and hunted stuff these people have ZERO creativity around here and very unsophisticated palates which is why I am so glad I'll be cooking in Des Moines.
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  The Wildlife Game Cookoff (long due to pictures) Gourmet_Mom William has needed t...
Neat, Daphne! Thanks for sharing!

The Wildlife Game Cookoff (long due to pictures)

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