The employee came home tonight with William. They were doing a job closer to home than the office. Jody also wanted to work in the garden some more...God Bless him...he's almost got it all planted except the tomatoes, peppers and corn.

ANYWAY...they picked up some worms and a couple new cane polls and went to the end of the pier. I didn't think they'd catch anything...just too early. Anyway, William came in to fix drinks and said Jody was whipping his butt. Jody wound up catching around 10 or 12 nice grass perch and William only caught 3 little white perch. The REAL story is, William finally gave up...couldn't take the razzing any longer. All of a sudden, Jody started hollering and ran down the pier. He caught a grass perch that weighed 1.6 pounds...unheard of!!!! That thing was at LEAST two hands wide! OMG!!!! He has been safely released to fight another day, but we got a few cell phone pics. I'll try to load them later. Andrew left with the phone to find somebody to show....NOBODY'S gonna believe this fish tale!!!!
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Since I am not knowledgeable about perch, size or weights, I think William and Jody are due a little razzing... tell 'em I said that would be like catching and eating Bambi
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Oh, they released the fish. They can reach 2 pounds and 1 plus is common, but not here. One pound is very rare! William has only caught one in 50 years that weighed 1.25 and that was a big deal...LOL! To add a little perspective, we usually fry them up in a large cast iron skillet and will get two nice ones in the skillet at a time. This one wouldn't have fit in the skillet.

Here's what they look like:

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