I made just the corn & dressing last night (magazine serves it with chicken fajitas) to go on carne asada tacos. Very good! I cut the kernels off the cob and sauteed it rather than grill it and it still tasted and looked slightly charred. I did only use two dashes of Tabasco instead of the 1 T. called for because I'm not crazy about the vinegary taste of hot pepper sauce.

I think this would be good on any kind of tacos or served on the side with just about any kind of Mexican dish.

  Grilled Fresh Corn/Spicy Lime Dressing Review #69 Trixxee I made just the corn...
Thanks for the review. I really wish the weather would get better so I felt like eating more summer time meals! Those fajita's are on my list - so is most everything in this issue.
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I'm with you, Erin! I told Roy to drag out the summer umbrellas for Sunday, Mom's day - cause I'm grilling come h*ll or high water!

The corn dish may have to be added to menu.
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Grilled Fresh Corn/Spicy Lime Dressing Review #69

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