I made these yesterday and there were really good but very rich. There are a few changes I would make next time. First I would make the shortcakes a little smaller because of the richness, as it was almost too much with the size they recommend. Also I am not a huge lover of the frozen strawberries. They were just to slimy. I think I will just do fresh strawberries and like cut half and mash the other and leave the frozen ones out. Everything else was really nice. We are definitely going to make these again.


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Thanks for the review! They sure looked good! Good to know about the size and fresh berries. Perfect for this time of year.
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oh, does sound (and look) good!
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Thanks for the review and good advice about cutting down on the size of the shortcake. Also, what you said about the berries. I would think it would be better with fresh also, especially since we are starting to get some pretty good strawberries in the stores already.

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Strawberry/Chocolate Shortcake Review

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