I wish I could post pictures, but I am in no way set up for that right now. But...

Tonight we grilled chicken breast for sandwiches. I have no kitchen so we grilled chicken, buns, potatoes, bacon, onions and the PICKLES!

They were chared slightly and delish. We even sliced them and put them on our sandwiches, also ate them plainly grilled and still wonderful.

Hubby is still talking about them.

Oh and they were spears. I sliced the ones for our sandwiches. Hubby loved the flavor of the charred pickle. Really interesting.
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  Grilled Pickles!! No way Jose! luvnit I wish I could post ...
That's worth a try, Laura, you never know, Picky might just love it!

Are you going crazy yet, with no kitchen?? If I were closer, I'd lend you mine

Think how much more you'll appreciate it, after being without!


  Re: Grilled Pickles!! No way Jose! pjcooks That's worth a try, ...
Okay, William loves pickles, so I've gotta try this. Were they sweet or dill?
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  Re: Grilled Pickles!! No way Jose! Gourmet_Mom Okay, William loves ...
another off the wall that has to be tried...
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  Re: Grilled Pickles!! No way Jose! cjs another off the wall...
It sounds intriguing. We like deep fried dill pickles so it's not too far to imagine this. May have to try it.
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Grilled Pickles!! No way Jose!

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