I know we had a discussion about this a year or 2 ago, but things change so quickly nowadays, I thought I'd ask again. The budget is about $500, a bit over is okay. I've checked out facts and reviews about various brands, now I'd like to hear some first hand accounts.

Looked at those gas/charcoal combos again, too, just don't think so. Billy, dear, didn't you get a gas grill last year? I'll have to go back and find that thread.

I know I want at least 3 burners, mid-sized, Picky wants a rotisserie and a side burner-I had one once and it didn't have enough power to do much, but grills have come a long way.

Any thoughts?



  Looking for a new gas grill pjcooks I know we had a disc...
We're happy with our new (last summer) Weber grill. It looks like the Spirit http://www.grillstuff.com/weber-spirit-e...ductid=236 but I think we got a discontinued version that the Spirit model replaced. It had a side burner option, which we didn't take. We had a side burner on our previous grill and never used it.

We're very happy with it.

  Re: Looking for a new gas grill HomeCulinarian We're happy with our...
William got me the Wilmington Grill several years ago and I've been VERY happy with it. Pricier than what I would have bought, but he liked it. It's all 304 stainless steel. It's supposed to last a lifetime.
[Image: wgd_001bg.jpg] You can get the optional side burner, which we did not. I've had one and didn't use it.
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  Re: Looking for a new gas grill Gourmet_Mom William got me the ...
I've had my gas grill for 5 or so years. I haven't used it much in the last couple of years for obvious reasons, but will begin again soon.
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  Re: Looking for a new gas grill bjcotton I've had my gas gril...
I find I don't use the side burner either - thot I would

PJ, Denise mentioned the duel gas/charcoal a while back - sounded interesting, but since you've checked them out, why do they not interest you? We don't need to replace ours for another few years, thank heavens.

My only absolute requirement for a grill is that the burners run front to back (and four of them) rather than side to side. Much better control of heat and hot spots, imo.
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  Re: Looking for a new gas grill cjs I find I don't use t...
*cough* Gas? *cough*

Ok ok...while I do agree there are occassions, very few but some, in which a gas grill would be nice.

So do both http://www.chargriller.com/duogrill.html this grill is at Lowes for $300.

I use the side burner for keeping mop sauces warm so it doesn't take up grill real estate. It's also great for the pot of beer and the brats, then they go from the beer to grill without having to carry them outside.

  Re: Looking for a new gas grill DFen911 *cough* Gas? *cough*...
My next-door neighbour has a "Fiesta" brand, which got some of the highest reviews from Consumer Reports, and he's been very satisfied with it. I don't have a grill now, but am hoping (eventually) to build a 55-gallon-drum smoker. Still need to burn out the inside coating, though, before I can go on to the next steps. :-(
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  Re: Looking for a new gas grill labradors My next-door neighbo...
We have the same grill as Home Culinarian and have been very, very happy with it.

Weber has fantastic customer service too. We had bought a Weber Q portable gas grill for our RV and there was a crack in some part or another when we took it out of the box. Less than 24 hours later we had one at our doorstep.

  Re: Looking for a new gas grill Trixxee We have the same gri...
We have had a webber silver for 6 years, and we have been very happy with it. Now we just need a bigger one and the burner might be nice - but it also might not get used.

We had the ignition switch go out and I think one other thing at least 2 years AFTER we got it - and it was under warrenty and they sent us a replacement. Good customer service.

I would like to add though - that I think having 4 burners run front to back would be so much easier for controlling and cooking with indirect heat. I have dreams of getting hubby a new, bigger, fancier grill.

While I really like charcole grills - if we had one, we would never grill.
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  Re: Looking for a new gas grill esgunn We have had a webber...
Thanks for all the comments, everyone. Printed them all out to take shopping with me. Some good advice here.

Jean, I can't wrap my brain around a gas/charcoal grill. For whatever reason, I think I need to see one working. Home Depot and Loews frown upon bringing steaks to test their grills, imagine that. (But wouldn't that be great if we could do a trial run?)

Thanks for that link, Denise, and Daphne as well. I've never heard of that brand until now.

Now I will digest all your info...

Looking for a new gas grill

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