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I am cooking okra/onions/tomato's (canned and fresh), with smoked garlic sausage slices. Pretty good. Earlier today I made some sun dried tomato pesto with my fresh basil and froze it in plastic wrap in ice cube trays--I never cease to amaze myself.
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  Monday Dinner Old Bay I sit in solitude=--...
Sounds like you manage real well, Old Bay! Well, this is rather strange considering the hot weather, but we do have air-conditioning......so tonight was Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana. I found a copycat recipe and we just love it anytime of year. I get tired of grilled food by the end of July and just need to make something different.

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  Re: Monday Dinner Mare749 Sounds like you mana...

...so tonight was Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana. I found a copycat recipe...

How close was that copycat recipe, and would you mind posting it? Olive Garden is not my favourite place, but that is probably my favourite thing there. I've seen a few copycat recipes on the web, before, but haven't tried them, yet, and it would be good to have one that has been tested.

It's funny, but all my Italian friends in Florida actually liked Fazoli's way better than Olive Garden, and so did I. Of course, for they (and I) also greatly preferred Buca di Beppo and Carrabba's.

Even so, the Zuppa Toscana would be something I'd like to make some time.

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With my coming days of torture, I was too depressed to cook. I let the boys fix frozen pizza! It was terrible. Of all the things to have before 2 days of little or no food!
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  Re: Monday Dinner Gourmet_Mom With my coming days ...
We had an old standby - shrimp and vegetables with pasta. It's from a recipe on the Knorr Vegetable Soup packet we've been making for years. Calls for 1# shrimp sauteed with garlic. Remove shrimp from pan, then add 1 c white wine, 1c water, 1 teasp oregano, 1/8 teasp red pepper and soup mix. Bring to a boil and simmer for about 10 minutes. Return shrimp to the pan. Serve with string pasta. Made a spinach salad to go with it.

I think this qualifies as 'almost homemade'.

  Re: Monday Dinner HomeCulinarian We had an old standb...
Sounds great...too bad I have discovered Holly does NOT like seafood in her pasta. Loves pasta and seafood but does NOT like the two combined??? I am wondering if it is too late to cancel the wedding??? JUST KIDDING!!!!
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  Re: Monday Dinner firechef Sounds great...too b...
>>>>SMACK<<<< Cancel the wedding? You'd best not even joke about that or you'll wind up with more than a smack on the back of the head! Holly sure does have some interesting "rules" about eating, though. To be honest though, William has expressed his lack of enthusiasm for seafood pastas recently also. He'll eat it, but it's not his favorite. He'd rather have them separately.

This sounds interesting HC, I'll have to check that out. Until I recently discovered an acceptable recipe for creamy pesto pasta, I used the Knorr brand for that. Isn't the Veggie mix the one people use for spinach dip? I have not had that in sooo long. One of those things we had too often and got tired of it...LOL!
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  Re: Monday Dinner Gourmet_Mom >>>>SMACK<<<< Cance...
Way to go, Bill! Your dinner sounds very tasty - "some sun dried tomato pesto with my fresh basil" and in the freezer! I feel so depri(a)ved - in my freezer there is no pizza dough, marinara, pesto, .... thus my quest to make some room. I do have lots of roasted garlic/garlic oil and corn stock tho.

By the way, speaking of corn stock, I used it in the risotto the other night and oh, what a nice flavor it gave. and a P.S. to the leftovers, the risotto was so good mixed with some leftover grilled veggies. So good, I made a note to do this again!

I, too was going to ask you for the recipe for Zuppa Toscana, maryann - would love to see that.

shrimp and vegetables with pasta sounds good too - Knorr is a nice way to get a tasty base to so many dishes. (copied! )

Now I have to go look and see what I can copy of the above with the freezer bounty.
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  Monday Dinner Old Bay I sit in solitude=--...
Jennifer is staying at a friend's house in the Bay Area tonight so we are "meating it" in the worst sense (to her) Veal Piccata, Mushroom Barley Risotto (with some lovely dried porcini mushers) and perhaps a salad. Easy dinner for two!
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  Re: Monday Dinner Harborwitch Jennifer is staying ...
I went for the meatball sub/grinder/hoagie/whatever you like to call it tonight. Excellent idea inspired by chef_Tab. I made my own sauce and found the perfect bread here at our local Von's. My husband loved it as did I and I've got leftovers to freeze for another night.

By the way, I bought the 2% fat Italian 3-combo cheese (I think it's Kraft) and considering it's lower in fat and sodium, it was perfect on something like this. My husband and I need to save some fat grams and calories where we can.
Monday Dinner

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