Is it 5 o'clock yet? It must be somewhere! CHEERS, BILL! We love the Bloody Bulls!

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  Saturday Fun? Gourmet_Mom Is it 5 o'clock yet?...
Well now, what shall we have?? Brendarita (we had them the day we talked about it)? Sake 75?? Ravenswood?

I'm making a margarita (how do you spell that - bad day) pizza, so maybe the wine......
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  Re: Saturday Fun? cjs Well now, what shall...
Hey, we had a bloody, then fixed a panini sandwich and served it with a hatch chili pesto pasta salad--served with a Gabbiano Chianti--we're off to take a nap--it's Saturday, FGS!!! We're an hour behind you Daphne and two ahead of you Jean--what does that have to do with anything??
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  Re: Saturday Fun? Old Bay Hey, we had a bloody...
We're having the Brendaritas later!
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  Saturday Fun? Gourmet_Mom Is it 5 o'clock yet?...
Well, the sun is past the yardarm - so we are going to have Bombay Sapphire martinis (I will probably have just one so I can stand up to prepare dinner - but gosh, they go down so smooth!!). We are having some pate crusted in peppercorns, marinated artichoke hearts, some mild Danish cheese with party rye bread for our hors d'oeuvre - when no children are here for dinner on Saturday we usually eat late so bring on those appetizers - hope everyone enjoys their Saturday evening!!!

  Re: Saturday Fun? Well, the sun is pas...
Hubby is cooking an Italian Sausage skillet dinner with cherry tomatoes (from the garden) and white beans, with the Italian salad shown with the pasta fagioli from the new Soups book.

  Re: Saturday Fun? HomeCulinarian Hubby is cooking an ...
Well, a simple glass of Pinot Grigio here. But, I was cleaning out drawers / cupboards today, and found two glass slippers from the LCBO that are filled with some kind of vodka mixture. We'll have them for dessert.
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  Re: Saturday Fun? Lorraine Well, a simple glass...
I'm enjoying a Grey Goose and soda with lots of lime thinking about what is in the frig for dinner. It wasn't fun while we were gardening but the yard sure looks nice and I'm tired.

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  Re: Saturday Fun? Corinne I'm enjoying a Grey ...
Well, the sun is setting and dinner is done. But what an adventure for a Saturday afternoon.

[Image: b57f1d933b2c.jpg] [Image: 7237a24d4398.jpg]

Jean, the SERRANO GOLPEADO QUESADILLAS and BRENDARITAS were unbelievable! I also used your GARLIC SHRIMP method instead of steaming and I'll have to say, I will probably use this method from now on. I was very pleased with how the ice mold turned out. Very little work and great results, but I want to remember that larger shrimp would work better. I also have the perfect sized bowl to fit in the middle for the sauce. My kind of trick.

I can't offer an opinion about the JALAPENO POPPERS. I didn't have the guts to try them...LOL! William had ONE and said that was enough. Evidently, our jalapenos are especially hot. We've had them in other stuff this week, including using them in the GOLPEADO, but standing alone with just the stuffing....WHEW! But THANKS!

I hope everyone's day has gone as well as ours! CHEERS!

PSSSST....There's some ice cream in the freezer just begging to be made into HUMMERS....but that will wait until later.
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  Re: Saturday Fun? Gourmet_Mom Well, the sun is set...
Worked all day...had about 600 covers in the time I was on the line. First day calling the line at the pass at the new job as well. My new black coats came in yesterday after I left so I got to wear one today. My Chef "backed me up" from the service side of the pass so I didn't have to worry about screwing up and having the FOH staff find the mistake or even worse have it make it to the floor and a guest. I was told I did great and to make sure I am back to prepare for Monday's lunch service at 7:00am. When I got home we had a tornado go through less than 3 miles from the house and then I cooked the chicken dish I posted in a different thread.

For those of you I have not told I FINALLY got out of fast food and returned to cooking in an Asian/European fusion restaurant along the Waukee/West Des Moines town lines in Dallas County, Iowa. Right now my Chef is fresh off a trip to China to a province that was or is under Portuguese "control" for years so has a truly unique cuisine. I have been asked to consider making a R&D trip to Hong Kong in the late fall for 6 weeks or so. It is a great atmosphere and a very talented staff that I am very thrilled to be leading and learning from.
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Saturday Fun?

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