What has happened to Roxanne? She hasn't posted for the longest time. Does anyone have any news?

  Roxanne? coco hernandez What has happened to...
Not sure. The last time she posted was nine days ago, when she popped in, left a couple of messages, then disappeared again.
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  Re: Roxanne? labradors Not sure. The last ...
She's been very busy with family stuff. She pops in now and again to check on us

We miss you Rox!

  Re: Roxanne? DFen911 She's been very busy...
Hi Roxanne! I seeeee you! I hope things are well over your way. You are missed and so are your reviews! What have you eaten that's wonderful lately?
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  Re: Roxanne? Gourmet_Mom Hi Roxanne! I seeee...

Let's see--- I made the Steak Filets with Cranberry and Port Wine Sauce from DINNERS FOR TWO this evening.

YUMMMMM!!! The steaks were sooo tender--no knife necessary and the sauce was interesting. I think I will add a bit of butter in the finish next time (just a tad though). The Dijon green beans were nice for a change but I would cut back on the mustard next time by half---really good though. AND, of course, that old baked potato with sour cream and chives.

I would give this a solid 8---will do again but not too soon. Easy, QUICK and tasty....without the potato could have been done in about 20 minutes (NOw that's a light year for me!!! )

I have made many of the recipes that you all have been chatting about...I just do not find the time to add my comments. I'm running on empty but hopefully will be tuned up real soon!!!

Mom had another heart attack a while ago---I'm off (FINALLY made arrangements) to visit for a while in a few weeks and help her with her rehab..

My SIL---was here in May for a couple of weeks (first time I have met her in TWENTY YEARS!!!----don't go there!!). We had a wonderful time and so many adventures that I would love to share--another time, perhaps.

Peter is very active with his shooting events---that's three days a week gone. MAN!!!! For retired people we SURE are BUSY!!! Fun busy---not enough hours in the day.

You are keeping me entertained and I am keeping up with MOST of the happenings with my forum family----nice to see all of those new faces around the table....WELCOME ALL!!!

See ya later,

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sorry to hear about your mom - hoping she is doing better real soon - that steak sounds really good - will have to get that recipe as well - yeah, retirement is surely busy!!!

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Good to hear from you, Roxanne. Keep checking in as you have time. We all miss you. Have a safe trip and hope your mom is better real soon. Just having you there will help a lot, I'm sure.


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Keep us posted and don't be a stranger...miss ya and hope you have time to stop by for longer visits soon.
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So good to hear from you Rox!

See I told you she was still stalking us

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