Madeleine Kamman When French Women Cook

I just love this book I really like how she divided the chapters for the various people. My most favourite was "Eugenie", her Grandmother. Her descriptions are so vivid, that I felt it was Christmastime, and I was in the farm house. I could almost smell everything cooking.

I have made a few recipes, but I need more time to find out which ones, as they weren't marked.

Going to the Sunday markets with her Aunt's are just a great read. Or picking snails, or mushrooms...the list goes on.
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Isn't it great - maybe we're the only two to do our "homework"?

I loved this book. The stories, histories, and her descriptions of their lives were fantastic. There was so much that I loved about the book, and the way she organized the chapters was perfect. I'd have loved to be her - the pure simplicity and elegance of the food is mind boggling! To be given the opportunity to eat like that as a child is so hard to wrap my mind around - the big green envy monster rears it's ugly head.

I've bookmarked probably a dozen recipes (maybe more)that I have to fix ASAP! I can't wait to have the time.

I read this book right after "Julie & Julia" - total immersion in French cuisine for a week followed by "The Soul of A Chef" by Rhulman (not finished yet - moving getting in the way). The realization hit me - I've never made a terrine, galantine, or pate. This omission must be corrected! "When French Women Cook" was inspiring. I'm planning on playing more in the kitchen with the classics.
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This really is a wonderful book, at least what I've read so far. Unfortunately, too many things going on at once, so it got set aside unfinished. Now that the weather is getting cold, I can settle down and really enjoy it.

Lorraine, there are two recipes that sounded especially tasty and I'm curious if you are familiar with them. One is "Oignons au Pain" and the other is "Pastissous." I'm afraid French cooking could easily become my new passion.


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I've only gotten as far as the first two chapters, but really like her story telling style. There are some nice recipes, but I haven't tried any. I think it would be more interested if I already knew more about her work or remembered her when she was active.

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O.K., my copy is on the island and it will stay there to be started - once I start a book I'm good about finishing.

Sharon, after Mediterranean I think I love French cooking the best altho I haven't done much of it the last few years. My two favorite go to books for French is, of course Julias and the Time Life series (from the 70s) Foods of the World has two books The Cooking of Provincial France and Classic Fench Cooking - both are so good and so much fun to cook from.

I'll try not to peek at the recipes first....

"Oignons au Pain" and the other is "Pastissous." This first must be onion soup, but what is the Pastissous?
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This is what I found:

pastissous : petit pâté

I don't think the other one is onion soup. When I googled it, everything I found said "confit d'oignons au pain" I'll have to check back in the book. Both do sound interesting. I think classical French cooking is my favourite.
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"Oignons au Pain" and the other is "Pastissous." This first must be onion soup, but what is the Pastissous?

Direct translation: Oignons au Pain = "Onions with bread"

Recipe: Page 44 of the book.

Direct translation: Pastis sous = "Small (or under) Pâtés"

Recipe: Page 82 of the book.
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Well crap, I said I wouldn't peek at the recipes, but I'll have to go check these out....

Well for heaven's sake - this is like an apple dumpling using onions instead!!! How fun would this be to make?

Oh and the Pastissous is indeed a small pate - with sausage and liver. Oh my both of these sound so good. Well, I thought I was going to get a lot done today, but I guess it's going to be reading this darn book!
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My list is long!

Truffade de la Vachellerie
Oignons Au Four
Roti De Porc Aux Pistaches
Pain Au Ble Ecrase
Gratin De Pommes De Terre Aux Cepes
Polenta De Mimi

That's just to start!

Jean I have "France the Beautiful Cookbook" and "Provence the Beautiful Cookbook" and one of Julia's. I'm going to have to get to playing in the kitchen!
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This was a fun journey----reminiscent of my childhood actually. My travels were not as extensive but some wonderful memories were sparked.

The characters were portrayed in an interesting and playful manner......I would love to have had the opportunity to have met Eugenie (Memere) and Mimi.

Now-the recipes I am most anxious to attempt are ------well, I think it is much easier just to state the ones I do NOT want to make------uhhh----let's see------uhhhh-----maybe the forcemeat ones ........other than those, I am going to tackle most of them.

I have already done the Saffron Flavored Mussel Soup (pg 316). YUMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! (and I am not a fan of mussels !!!) We went to a new market that recently opened and there were the New Zealand green lipped mussels available----OKAY----MUSSEL SOUP!!!! Peter absolutely loved it and it was really easy to put together.

I have always loved French foods and was under the misguided impression that they are really heavy on the creams and butters. Even though she has these ingredients in many of her recipes, they really don't seem that daunting in the bigger scheme of the final result. I also noted that she uses veal stock in most of her recipes that require a stock----I would change that to chicken or beef only because I always have homemade on hand.

I picked this book up while in the States but did not have a chance to read until I was home recovering from my jet lag--made me want to get into the kitchen again even though I was not quite sure what my name was for a while.

Sharon, I have those books as well---time to have another look/see!!

I also picked up Jacque Pepin's THE APPRENTICE.....anyone interested for the next review??
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