Anyone know anything about this potential ingredient???


As normal lets get as much information about what it is and maybe a recipe or two for it as well!!! Clock is ticking!!! 1st prize this time is the same as last time...NOTHING!!! So good luck being first...
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  Ingredient fun anyone??? firechef Anyone know anything...
My daughter had a lot of it this year when she was in Ecuador. Said it tasted like the Twisters fruit drink.

I would like to do it as an upside down cake type dessert.
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I've not tasted Babaco, but I'm wondering if the taste would be similar to a Chilean Carica - which I love. If so,

how about instead of slicing crosswise, slice it lenghtwise and use the sections for a banana split bowl.


put chunks in a blender and add some rum & ice and make a daiquiri
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Sounds interesting.

Word fun: would a food item that you OMIT from a recipe be an OUTgredient, also, therefore making any food item that has the potential of appearing in a recipe (whether it actual does or not) just a gredient?
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Lol,Rob, I had to read that twice before I got it. God, I miss my brain.

Lj,BBallly, maybe it'd make a really good jello shooter?
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Is it a fruit?

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Never heard of babaco, so I googled it. Here's a couple websites that tell what it is and some recipes:

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It sure does sound good. Sadly, I'll probably never see one...LOL!

LOVE the jello shot idea!
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Ingredient fun anyone???

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