Probably not for everyone....


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  Not quite so healthy buzzard767 Probably not for eve...
Love Bill Geist! He's a Champaign boy and Illinois alum. Hadn't seen this before. It's pretty ironic for me because I just got my blood tests back and need to either change my diet or go on cholesterol lowering meds. I'm going to go for the diet and exercise option and leaving the meds for a last resort... No quadruple cheese burgers in my future!

  Re: Not quite so healthy HomeCulinarian Love Bill Geist! He...
Can't remember where or when, but I've seen this before. I just can't imagine a place like this staying in business. Nor can I believe the American public can be so stupid to indulge like this. I take that back...I can believe...just appalled.
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  Re: Not quite so healthy Gourmet_Mom Can't remember where...
My stomach churned at the first mention of lard....8,000 calories??? UGHH!!!!!!! Geist was the only "more mature" person there--also the thinnest...'cept the "nurses".

I am surprised that an establishment like that stays in business...but then there is McDonalds.
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Not quite so healthy

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