A Mexican friend of mine, who lives in a suburb of Mexico City, just sent me a bunch of humourous images relating to the gripe porcina (swine flu). Here are the best of the lot, along with some translations or explanations where needed.

[Image: image004hvoblp.jpg]

[Image: image006jrg.jpg]

[Image: image007brq.jpg]

[Image: image012tjc.jpg]

[Image: image014mvb.jpg]

That one may need a little explanation. The official shield of Mexico is the following:

[Image: escudofwf.jpg]

The words say "Mexican United States" (or, directly literally, "States United Mexican"). In the modified one above, not only do both the eagle AND the snake have flu masks, but also the words have been changed to "Scared United Worried." LOL!

Here's my favourite:

[Image: image013e.jpg]

Of course, the headline on the newspaper that the Big, Bad Wolf is holding says, "Swine Flu," and the Wolf just says, "No. Nothing. Forget it." ROTFL!

Finally, "That's all, folks!"

[Image: image016zdi.jpg]
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How funny! A big fan of Looney Tunes, I especially liked the last one.

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Great Gallery, Labs. We need humor to calm our over the top reactions to everything, especially from the source most affected. Religious zealots should learn from the fine folks in Mexico. As this crises passes, I offer my sympathy to everyone affected. Let's get a vaccine and be ready for fall!!
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Ok the looney toons was my favorite

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LOL, I liked the big bad wolf one the best.
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OT - Swine-flu humour from my friend in Mexico

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