I have been all over town looking for Muscavado sugar. I've read up on and know that is a wet very very dark brown sugar. That being said my recipe calls for it and it's no where to be found.

The recipe is an espresso tart. Now I thought about using dark brown sugar with some dark molasses, but not sure how it will affect baking time. Anyone with more experience with this sugar?

  Sugar help DFen911 I have been all over...
Funny (well, not really) I asked him about this last night, as I was looking at a recipe that called for it, and we don't have any. He said I could use plain dark brown sugar. Good luck with the tart! (Would love to see the recipe).
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Ok posted the recipe in another thread. From what I am reading muscovado and our "brown" sugar have very different tastes so not sure how interchangable they are

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I just read up on the Muscavado sugar and it has hints of lime and coconut milk and is made differently. Apparently brown sugar is just white (refined) sugar with molasses added. I also found that when I go to Portland next (probably next week...Monday PM) that New Season's Market has it for $2.99 a pound. I'll just have to get me some. If you search (or call) a local upscale market they might have it...something like WholeFoods.
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I don't have a whole foods near me I have tried Trader Joe's, Cost Plus World Market, Vons, Albersons and a mexican grocery store.

I may just use my darkest brown I have and add some molasses to give it a richer flavor.

However I am going to find this darn sugar and make sure to have it on hand in the future

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You sent me scurrying also, Denise - if I were you (and if possible) I'd wait to make it after ordering some online. sounds like the flavors are much better than just using brown sugar.

I may have to order some also to play.
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I wish I could wait but I jumped in with both feet and this dessert is being made to take to a dinner party tonight I made the sorbet night before last and thought for sure Williams Sonoma or Cost Plus would have it!

I think I may add 1 tbl of dark molasses. Oh let the baker gods be with me

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Aaah Ha! I did a search for Muscavado sugar and "What "whatscookingamerica.com" I found the answer to your dilemma! It discusses Muscavado sugar and at the end recommends that you add "A quality Dark Brown Sugar" for the Muscavado. It won't taste the same because of the "molasses" flavor or Muscavado and all the natural minerals in it. Muscavado is said to have a deep smokey molasses flavor. So the addition of the molasses ought to make it closer.
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Oh thank you Billy!! **kisses his cheek and dashes out**

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I must have missed this in all my running around - and I wouldn't have known the answer then anyway.

But God love network TV - everything on is cr@p so we switched to Food TV. The Good Eats show was all about molasses.

I learned a few things I didn't know - if you don't have brown sugar put a pound of granulated sugar in the ol' food processor along with 3 oz of molasses - whizzz whizz and you have brown sugar. Also interested to find out that 1 cup of molasses weighs 12 oz. since I try to weigh everything for baking. Doesn't solve your problem though. I know I've seen that sugar some where - will keep my eyes open.
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