I just wanted to stop by to thank all of you sweet people for your kind words on the death of my husband. They really have helped me getting through a very difficult time. I will be back when things settle down a bit. Thanks again for being there for me.

  Thank You smschwag I just wanted to sto...
Take your time Shirley - just know you're always in our minds. Keep your family close and you'll all start to heal and remember the good times. Take care.
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  Re: Thank You cjs Take your time Shirl...
If you need us, we'll be here Shirley. I'll continue to keep you and your family close to my heart and in my prayers.
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  Re: Thank You bjcotton If you need us, we'l...
Take care, Shirley. Healing takes time.
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  Re: Thank You farnfam Take care, Shirley. ...
Shirley, I am glad you stopped in to say hi! I agree, it will take time, but know we are here for you when you need us! Please know, I think of you often and hope you are taking care of yourself...you've been through an awful lot in the past few months.
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  Re: Thank You Gourmet_Mom Shirley, I am glad y...
Shirley, thank you for checking in. Please stop by often and join back in when you're ready to.
Thank You

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