Oh this was fun. Marye and Terry got here around 4:00 and Jean and Roy shortly there after. We couldn't have asked for a nicer day. Sunny - not too hot, it was great. Such fun meeting everyone. Denise and Derik (and I know I am misspelling names - it is late, and I am very tired to go double check it out - sorry guys!). Anyway they got here about 6:00 ish. We had a great time sitting on the deck and having wine and visiting. Got dinner going and had a great feast. Here is the link to the pictures. I hope they work - If not I'll fix it sometime tomorrow.

Slide show of our day

Edited: Ok, trying again...does it work- it works for me but probably because I am logged in...

  A wonderful Visit with C@H friends esgunn Oh this was fun. M...
Don't look now, Erin, but you copied/pasted the HTML link, instead of the forum-code link.
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  Re: A wonderful Visit with C@H friends labradors Don't look now, Erin...
Erin, the slideshow is great!!!!
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  Re: A wonderful Visit with C@H friends Lorraine Erin, the slideshow ...
oh what fun we had!

non stop talking - great people , good food, good wine !

enjoyed every minute of it and I didn't sleep one bit going home

so am tired this a.m. but was so nice to meet everyone - A really enjoyable

day - Great pictures Erin.

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  Re: A wonderful Visit with C@H friends mjkcooking oh what fun we had! ...
What fun! The food looks fabulous and everyone seems to be having a great time. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures Erin, I feel as though I know you all a bit better now.

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  Re: A wonderful Visit with C@H friends chef_Tab What fun! The food l...
The pics were perfect and it looks like the day was too. It is so much fun to get together!!!
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  Re: A wonderful Visit with C@H friends Old Bay The pics were perfec...
OH, how fun that looks!! What a great group, everyone looks so contented. Thanks so much for sharing Erin
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  Re: A wonderful Visit with C@H friends farnfam OH, how fun that loo...
Thanks for the slideshow, Erin! It looks like everyone enjoyed themselves. Wish I could have been there as well. One day I will make it out there to your side of the world.

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  Re: A wonderful Visit with C@H friends Mare749 Thanks for the slide...
Cool! Looks like a lot of fun and great food!
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  Re: A wonderful Visit with C@H friends labradors Cool! Looks like a ...
Well, hell, I can't see the pictures!! Just a black screen that keeps moving to the next.....

I'll keep trying. Til then, here are a couple we took with the 'fast' camera (I'll have more in a few days with the throw away one)

Did Erin post one of these???

Erin & Marye were working hard on dinner, so Denise & I thought we ought to be helping.....

What a fun night - Erin and the triplets are more than I ever hoped for - if you want to experience a dedicated, loving, intelligent family, head straight for Federal Way! from the lakefront yard with fishing poles all set to go, to the great little school house and all the fixings in there, to a home (not a house), a loving kid infested, wonderful home. Erin is one of the nicest people, but also so much fun, I've met in a long time.

Marye, I've met before, she & Terry met us on one of our weekend trips to Port Townsend, so I knew she was very similar to me personality-wise, but not quite so mouthy. And does she have a great looking new grandbaby. Terry is a hoot and gets some good wise remarks of so easily.

Denise & Derick - she comes by her nickname honestly, even though not 'naturally' - Red has the personality, temperment and mouth of a true redhead. I think she should have been my daughter, but what a wonderful friend to have.Derrick is one of the most personable police officers I've ever met - and I've met some, because #1 son has been a CHP for over twenty years..... He's (Derick) soft spoken, funny, and so easy to talk to from the first minute.

All in all, couldn't ask for a more compatible, fun group to be a part of. I can't tell you how impressed we all were with the job Erin & Steve have done with the kids - just wish we could have met him also.

Had breakfast with Denise & Derick this a.m. and saw them off to Spokane and Idaho on their beautiful white stead. (Roy Rogers is so jealous.... )

I can't believe we haven't met one stinker from all the friends on the internet - we've been so lucky. (Ooops, will maybe 2 out of all over the years.) )
Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.
A wonderful Visit with C@H friends

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