Up until several months ago I had received the magazine Better Homes & Gardens for their gardening and, less frequently, house decorating articles. But recently, I believe that they've started printing some much nicer recipes than they used to.

I won't post the recipes here (since it's not a BH&G site), but I tried 2 this past weekend and they made for a wonderful fall dinner. If anyone is interested, the photos and recipe links are on my blog.

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  A "seasonal" soup and fresh foccacia foodfiend Up until several mon...
Soup and bread?? What is not to love.
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  A "seasonal" soup and fresh foccacia foodfiend Up until several mon...
Great looking soup and love the idea for the foccacia. I also had cancelled my subscription to BHG a while ago. Did not like paying for a magazine that it seemed had and Add on every other page. Plus had lost interest in the content.
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  Re: A "seasonal" soup and fresh foccacia esgunn Great looking soup a...
Great blog, Vicci!! Those recipes are always welcomed in my home---and butternut is available all year round here. Don't you just love the smell of freshly baked bread? Haven't done that in a while---but soon!
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  Re: A "seasonal" soup and fresh foccacia Roxanne 21 Great blog, Vicci!! ...
I especially like the idea for the bread. Thanks Vicci!
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A "seasonal" soup and fresh foccacia

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