Here's a link to some new (for me anyway) things to do with bacon!
NPR - Bacon Gets Its Just Desserts

  Bacon Gets Its Just Desserts HomeCulinarian Here's a link to som...
Some of those sound particularly delicious - like the maple cake.
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  Re: Bacon Gets Its Just Desserts labradors Some of those sound ...
Okay, I love bacon and the Bacon Syrup Jean posted that we used with Uncle Wallace's Buttermilk Pancakes was REALLY good...but that was breakfast food anyway. This is interesting, but I'm not sure that I'd try it. The cake sounded good though...and I think William would eat peanut butter and/or bacon with just about anything. We'll see what he says.
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I am considering making that peanut butter fudge with bacon thing for a cookie/candy exchange I have been invited to! They all sound yummy to me!

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sounds like something I need to look at tomorrow a.m....and I'll be in trouble.
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OK the cake, the cookies, you betcha! HeeeeHeeee! Need excuses to keep the oven on - need to keep our protein levels up to keep warm!

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Bacon Gets Its Just Desserts

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