Hi everyone. On the heals of a wonderful Christmas Eve Dinner, I've started making cookies for a New Year's Cruise. I'm paying homage to my mother and all the baking she did when I was a kid, and will be making Jewish and Italian cookies.

I've already made the Mandel Bread. This is a Jewish cookie that is first baked as a loaf, then chilled, sliced and baked again until golden and crispy.

This weekend I'll make the Rugelach, a crescent-shaped rolled Jewish pastry containing cinnamon and raisons.

And already in the freezer is a batch of Pizzelle, a thin round Italian cookie that looks like a flat waffle. I couldn't find a Pizzelle machine in Bangkok, so I had mine sent from the USA and I'm using a transformer to get it to work.

I will post photos of all the cookies when everything is done. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!!


  New Years Cookies macnmotion Hi everyone. On the ...
OHHHH!!!! Rugelach---on my New Year menu as well!!!! YUMMM!!
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  Re: New Years Cookies Roxanne 21 OHHHH!!!! Rugelach...
I am eating the Rugelah I made now, Ina's recipe except I use apricot preserves, chopped apricots and pecans. I spaced and mixed the preserves with the fruit, but still tastes great. I didn't get to make all the goodies I wanted for Christmas, so will be making some for New Year's as well.

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Yummmmm! Love rugelach! Could you email some? LOL!
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LOL, if I could only send cookies electronically!! The apricot preserves sound wonderful!!

I've decided to make Chocolate Crinkles as well! I need a diet!
New Years Cookies

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