I do not get Food and Wine magazine. But, I got an offer in the mail for the Annual Cookbook of Food and Wine 2010.

Any of you have this or think the magazine is worth getting this book? It is a good price. Few Dollars shipping mainly.
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Sorry, can't help you with this but for Christmas I received the DVD with all 15 years from Fine Cooking. A wonderful gift and now I can clear out all those back issues from my shelves. Don't know what to do with them, tho.
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Back when I used to have a subscription to F&W, I bought one of the annuals, but then decided not to bother with any others, since all the recipes were already in the magazines I had received.

If you're not getting the magazine, then the annual volume MAY be worth it, but I would look at the list of recipes it contains before I would get it. If it has enough things I'd consider making, then I'd get it. It not, then why bother?
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Erin, I dropped almost all my subscriptions and just buy the annuals now. And F&W is at the top of my list. I love their recipes and articles.

Check our Grace Parisi recipes (works for F&W) they are just right up our collective alleys. She writes and cooks just like most of us do.

So, yes, I'm voting for it's worth it!

P.S. I just did a search on my MasterCook for "Grace Parisi" - 105 recipes of hers in it.
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One addition to Lab's post. Mom has this addiction to the Consignment Shop and picks up cookbooks for me regularly. In the last batch was a Best of Food & Wine. On flipping through it, I will tell you the recipes are very different. When I first got it, I went through it, but did not dog-ear any pages. The Martha Stewart book, on the other hand, I dog-eared a LOT of pages. So like Labs said, look over the recipes. PLUS, aren't a lot of the recipes from Epicurious from F&W or Gourmet?

Me, I'd get it. But then, I love cookbooks.
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F&W has a great website. I love the magazine and go to the website and copy any recipes that look interesting to my LC. I keep the magazines because I go back through them as my mood changes and find new stuff. I wish I had the discipline to wait for the annuals, but I want it now! I just resubscribed for a year on Amazon for $15.00, and it comes out every month. Epi has recipes from the Condé Nast publications i.e., Bon Appetit and the late Gourmet. Now those cookbooks I love, The red BA has lots of good stuff, and I haven't finished going through the green Gourmet one, but have found lots of things to try in the parts I've read. I wasn't as enthused by the Fast Fresh and Easy one, but then I was in a funk and not cooking much when I perused it. I am so far behind I still have not even opened the latest C@H, BA, and FC much less the new cookbooks (at least 5 waiting).
If you don't have the F&W magazine, I'd definitely go for the annual.
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