Hi all. We are heading down to Beaverton/Portland tomorrow (again) for a gymnastics meet. Our third trip this year and thankfully our last. We are probably not leaving until 2:30 or 3:00, which means we will not get to our hotel until 6:00 ish with traffic and all.

Our hotel has a microwave in the room. Does anyone have any creative suggestions on serving dinner to a family of 5 in a hotel room with a microwave???

With driving/hotel/meal expenses with three trips in the last few months for a family of 5 it gets a little expensive. On a recent trip to great wolf I took cheeseburger soup in a crock pot and that worked great. But we won't have time for the crock pot to do it's thing.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
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  creative dinner on the road? esgunn Hi all. We are hea...
Meatloaf sandwiches and tomato soup??????

We'll be in Portland tomorrow night also, will spend Sat. with 'houseboat Don' and create some hate and discontent (in other words, we're gonna raise some h*ll)

Good luck kids!!
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  Re: creative dinner on the road? cjs Meatloaf sandwiches ...
Could you start it in the crock pot and transport it in a cooler with wrapped hot bricks to finish in the crock pot at the hotel?

Make something like lasagna or a pasta casserole and reheat it?

Can you tell? I don't use my microwave for much.
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Fish is one of the few things that cooks well in a microwave, but I don't know it the hotel would appreciate it.
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How about stopping for a rotisserie chicken when you get to town and then making baked potatoes and a veggie or salad?

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If your hotel doesn't have a microwave, toaster, or even a fridge in the room, why not bring your own?

I used to do this when I was on the tournament staff for a huge pool tournament/Expo near the Philly area. I would pre-make bacon and egg circles and reheat them in the morning with bagels for breakfast sammies in a toaster oven I brought with me. I also brought my own coffee maker, too. Heck, I knew some women who used to bring their own dorm-sized fridge with them on the tourny road as well as crock pots. But some hotel chains are really getting smart about all this and will provide them free of charge. You have to ask when you make your reservation. Some just charge a nominal per day use which can still work out.

Yeah, it was baggage, but it sure saved a bunch of money and you can eat what you really want when you want. And I don't know about you, but I'm really particular about my coffee in the morning.

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  creative dinner on the road? esgunn Hi all. We are hea...

Does anyone have any creative suggestions on serving dinner to a family of 5 in a hotel room with a microwave???

Oh man, Erin, you rock as a Mom! GOOD LUCK!

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I'm quite partial to scrambled aggs done in the microwave. Add some cheese and salsa, and make a breakfast wrap. You have to watch them like a hawk or they turn to rubber, but fast and easy. Add a side of veggies and dip, or a salad. Good luck, and have fun!
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The only thing that comes to mind for me is soft tacos. You could take precooked, seasoned meat to be reheated in the microwave. Pack the shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, shredded cheese, taco sauce, etc, in a cooler. Even refried beans will heat well in the microwave if you want them for a side, or a corn/bean salsa type salad with lime and cilantro dressing. Everyone could make their own tacos.

Good luck to the 8 year olds! And to their most awesome mom ;-)

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I'd say: quesadillas, baked potatoes (with toppings), chili cheese dogs, cans of soup.

That's all I can think of that doesn't require a lot of supplies and/preparation and mess. Of course baked potatoes can be topped with cheese (and chili for that matter).

If I think of anyting else I will pop back on.
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creative dinner on the road?

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