...at your house???

I'm trying the turkey osso buco with orange gremolata and mustard polenta from the slow cooker book. with some asparagus.
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  What's for Dinner - Thurs., 3/25?? cjs ...at your house???[...
we're having kalbi, jasmine rice and steamed cabbage - my slow cooker book has not arrived yet - am looking forward to receiving it

  Re: What's for Dinner - Thurs., 3/25?? we're having kalbi, ...
Really going to make the vegetarian choice tonight... Tuscan Quinoa recipe with the spinach salad from Cuisine Lite. Need to pick up some cannellini on my way home from work.

  Re: What's for Dinner - Thurs., 3/25?? HomeCulinarian Really going to make...
I'm finally going to get to play with the Chipotle Chicken Tostados recipe. William fell in LOVE with that chicken. I'm going to make it up like a burrito. I'm serving corn-on-the-cob and salad on the side. I'm thinking of trying one with the salad ON the "burrito".
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What's for Dinner - Thurs., 3/25??

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