Roasted Chickpeas
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I just tried these and they turned out really good! Crunchy like nuts. I used this recipe.

Has anyone else tried making these?
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Haven't tried it yet, but definately will! Thanks, Erin.

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Oh boy, I love chickpeas!! I just read in the news food section about FRESH chick peas, which are only availble for a few weeks per year.

I hope you can read the following article. If not, it's free to sign up to the Philadelphia Inquirer online.

I am going to try and find these.

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Tom Douglas has a recipe for fried chickpeas that is wonderful - will compare recipes in the a.m.

I found fresh chickpeas still on the stalks and in the pod at a farmers market in Yakima last year. First time I'd ever seen them or worked with them. We love them also.
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