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I have a question for all you out there with MC. I just got mine in the mail and I am trying to add recipes. I am importing them using the import assistant. But sometimes they do not turn out great. I have to fix them up quite a bit.

Am I doing this wrong, or is this the way it is?

Or is there a trick to all this?

And what about exporting? You all export so nicely. Mine seem to export in some computer language.
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Laura, I have the best luck adding them using the MC Web import Bar. On my ineternet explorer I have to hit the >> on the toolbar to see it. Click it. It should come up with the import tool on the left of the IE screen. You highlight the title of the recipe then check the Title Box - etc. You can highlight all the ingredients and then check ingredients. Hightlight all the directions and then check directions, etc...

I think the import assistant might work similar with Word docs. Not sure on that one though.

The trick I finally learned for copying the recipe to post is - open the recipe you want. Under Edit select copy recipe. Then when you are in your application you want to post it - click copy. Wha La! It is done. (took me a while to learn this trick - I think I learned it from Jean...)

Is all that clear as mud?
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Ok - Just did some experimenting with the import assistant and a word file.

Using Import assistant - copy and paste the whole recipe into the import assistant box.

Highlight the title of the recipe. In the box at the bottom of the imp asst. box make sure title is selected and click add to recipe.

Highlight all the ingredients or number of servings or directions and make sure the appropriate category is selcted then click add to recipe. Do this until done. You can also add notes and categories too. It will take a few times to decide how you want to organize your recipes. Then it will make more sense.

click save recipe , then click done or new recipe to keep going.

It also says you can highlight the fields you want and click and drag to the correct fields in the recipe window.

I did not have much luck with the auto fill feature. And you may have to finess some items occasionally.

You can create new cookbooks too. You would need to do this before importing. THen just make sure you are in the desired cookbook before opening the import assistant.

Hope this helps.
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Oh Man!!! Where is Billy J when you need him - he always walked me thru the tangle of this stuff. I love MC and I hope you will also, Laura, when you learn all the ins and outs. (but of course, I've not had any other program, so I don't know really what I'm talking about)
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Erin, you did great, but I have another angle....

When I have a Word document recipe to copy, I've learned a few tricks! I had a couple hundred to import....

It's seems like a lot, but it will pay off in the end.

Here's what I had to do.

Make sure there is no space between your title and your ingredients. You can leave your author and servings there if that is how you saved them. ( you find them on here when we post them from MC) (More on that later)

Make sure the fractions are not converted....they should appear like this: 1/4.....NOT ¼ .

Finally, make sure there is a space between your ingredients and your instructions...and each step along the way.

I know it seems like a lot, but you will be happy once you have them in there!

A few final tips:

Make sure you save the thread or website the recipe came from. You will need that later. (I'll cover why later when you ask...LOL!)

Check the "Nutrition" tab after entering the recipe. Some ingredients don't carry correctly or are not, instant espresso is not recognized, boneless, skinless chicken breasts needs to be "chicken breast, no skin, no bone, R-T-C," etc. This will help later when using the Shopping list option.

Finally, try to change regular items to be consistent:

ie; 1 fresh clove of garlic < 1 clove garlic, fresh; 1 T freshly minced cilantro to 1 T cilantro (I know I always buy fresh), minced;

AND FINALLY, check the units....T will compute nutritionally differently than T., so check nutrition to make sure everything makes sense.

I know it sounds like a lot, but once you get in the mode, it is fast....AND once you have it all in there, its WONDERFUL!

One last tip: If you have the website saved for a recipe in your files, go to that online recipe and use your MC toolbar option that Erin describes above to save it straight from the web to MC! THAT is the reason it is so important to save the website of a recipe!

WHEW! Did any of that make sense?!?!??!? I LOVE MY MC!
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Yes, this makes sense (most of it). All of you are sooo helpful. I don't think I would have ever found that MC icon after the >> if you hadn't of told me. And I was wondering why the converted number just screwed things up. I know I just need to get used to things. Especially that toolbar on the bottom! Whew! I am trying to put my MIL's entire cookbook in, just to read the nutrition (esp. the sodium) information. Wow! No wonder hubby loved her food as a kid. Lots of sodium, fat, calories, yikes!

Having this may help me drop 20 lbs.!
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Oh man, this has been a HUGE help!
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