Some good buys... I think??
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Okay one I am sure is a good buy.

Our grocery store is reorganizing and getting rid of things that they will no longer carry, or don't have anymore room for.

First I bought Ghee. I normally see it at the store for $6-7. It was selling today for $1 for a 1 lb. jar. I bought 2 jars and there were about 8 left. Should I go back and clean them out?

[Image: 41E0gGxq6nL._SL500_AA300_.jpg]

The other thing I found was Vanilla powder. Again, only $1. Now this, I have no idea what to do with it. Does anyone know?

[Image: 07426500181m.jpg]
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Yes! RUN!!! Clarified butter for $1 a pound? Hurry up and get there, as long as the expiration date is okay and even then, I wouldn't hesitate!!!

Vanilla powder? yes, buy it up, use like van extract. I might even freeze this, vacuumed sealed.

Good buys, go wipe them out

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I've never heard of the vanilla powder. Thanks for explaining that one, PJ. That would be cool to have on hand for emergencies. And the Ghee...WOW!
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If you do get more Ghee, I'd put it in the freezer also. I've never used vanilla powder, don't think. Lucky you, Laura!
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Mix the vanilla powder with some powdered milk and put it into your coffee.

Did they have any deals on MALT powder? I've been contemplating making bagels, but don't know if I can get the malt powder or malt syrup here. Still need to look, though.
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No malt powder. I would have gotten that too. I have been looking for some, but haven't run across any that isn't sweetened. I didn't know that malt was used bagels. Interesting. I love this forum. I learn some new bit of info almost every day from you smart people.
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