Pre Shredded Cheese
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I don't usually buy this - I shred my own. BUT, Steve does most of our grocery shopping, or should I say DID. And sometimes he will buy it. Makes for supper quick english muffin pizza snacks before gym.

Well, Did you know it is coated in Potato starch and corn Starch??? Plus two other ingredients I don't even know what they are. I had no idea! I just thought it was silly to pay extra money for it. Now I won't buy it because of paying for all the extra "stuff" in it! YIKES.

Just wanted to share if some of you were in the dark about this like me.
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huh, must be to keep it separated?? will have to look at the pkg. next time I'm in the store.
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I never really thought about it, Erin, but it does sound pretty yucky. Like you, I usually shred or chunk it myself as it just tastes fresher to me, and that's probably why. The stuff in the bags always seemed dry to me.

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Thanks for the info, Erin. Now I have a better explanation for people when they ask me why I shred my own. They look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them it tastes better....creamier.
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Yeah I never buy the stuff because of the coating. It doesn't melt the same at all, and if you're making a bechamel sauce...bah forget it.

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