DrGourmet's cheeseburger mac
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I love the DrGourmet sight and have loved every recipe I have tried. Today I got notification of three new recipes. One is a fish, beans, etc cooked in foil that sounds just great. Another is cheesburger mac and the ingredients lists (I could not stop laughing long enough to read it aloud to hubby) 2/3 tsp grated cheddar. This has to be a mistake! I find it hilarious...2/3 tsp cheese? seriously??

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it better be extra sharp!! that's funny. Will have to look up that site.
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Wow, that 2/3 tsp is gonna go a long way! I would guess 2/3 cup? LOL
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For us it would be 2 to 3 cups (2-3). 2/3 tsp. isn't even a beginning.
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My mac and cheese takes 4 cups, so you're doing better than me, Sharon!

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The recipe on the Dr. Gourmet site has been corrected to say 2/3 cup, instead of 2/3 tsp.

Yes, that's far less than "Macaroni and Cheese," but is IS a recipe from a site dedicated to healthy eating and doesn't claim to be "Macaroni and Cheese" - just "Quick Cheeseburger Mac." Given the name, I wouldn't expect it to have as much cheese as "Macaroni and Cheese," anyway.

Actually, it sounds good, but that site has a lot of good recipes.
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