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I've just received my Slow Cooker Menus in the mail and since we've just started winter here I was wondering if any one could make a recommendation??
Thanks in advance.
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Oh, my....there have been so many slow cooker reviews from this one! The first to pop in my brain is the Laquered short ribs....YUMMMMY! (But that's probably because we've been talking about rubs and sauce over the past couple of days.)

Here are a couple of reviews to get you started. Some of the others will surely chime in with their own experiences soon. You could also type "slow cooker" (using the quotation marks) and delete the date range windows and get other reviews.

Laquered Ribs and Bracciola Review

Bolognese Sauce

Slow Cooker Ribs and Pasta Salad

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Thanks - I did do a search but didn't know about using the quotations.
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This has been a fun and tasty publication, Patricia!!

Cajun-style chicken wings with cool lemon sauce
Chicken Chili verde - didn't do the Indian fry bread
Open-faced pot roast sandwich with gravy dip
laquered short ribs (mentioned above)
barbecued baby back ribs
bistro-style pork chops
beef stroganoff with parsely noodles & brussels sprouts with bacon (my husband especially loved this)
Cowboy beans with poblano chiles

Wow, I didn't know I'd made so many from this book. Haven't had one loser. You may be starting your winter, but I don't think ours is ever going to end!!!! So, I'm still cooking from it.
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