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We are moving in three weeks. Some how I need to figure out how to use up most of the stuff I have on hand without buying a lot of extraneous stuff. Of course I will still hit the grocery store if I have to, but I want to limit it as much as possible.

Any go to pantry meals that you can think of? Any resources?
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I hate moving!!! Now, that didn't help you at all...

We all have different stuff in our pantries. What do you have that you want to use up?
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Oh geeze! Three weeks!!! I guess it depends on what you have in the pantry that can't be moved with you. Hints??? How far are you moving and how far do you have to down-size????

We've, at least got 2 or 3 months to empty the 25 c.f. freezer, the side by side, and the little freezer. If we can get it down to what will fit in the little freezer we can probably take that with us with stuff in it. Then we get to talk about the pantry. (That's on shelving in one of the bedrooms!!!!) Every thing has to fit in a 33 to 35' motor home.
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Well, let's see...

All-purpose flour
self-rising flour
white rice
brown rice
chicken stock
beef stock
enchilada sauce
bbq sauce
tomato sauce
tomato paste
diced tomatoes
refried beans
cannellini beans
black bean
evaporated milk
sweetened condensed milk
peanut butter
ranch dressing
canned marinara sauce
onion soup mix
various other sauces and marinades
various cans of condensed soups

Blush...what a lot of crap!
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We aren't moving that far (about an hours' drive is all), but we are downsizing considerably. We are moving from a four bedroom home with a three car garage and a garage fridge/freezer to a small three bedroom apartment. I just want to go through as much of this stuff that I have on hand as possible.

In the freezer, I have hamburger, chicken, shrimp, steaks, tilapia, bay scallops, pork roast. I mean, I am going to have to buy milk for sure and some fresh produce, but I really want to not have to move all of this crap.
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Condensed soups + pastas or grains + milk + meat and/or veggies = casserole.

Evaporate milk + Sweetened condensed milk + milk + flour = Tres Leches cake.

Onion soup mix + sour cream = chip dip.

Onion soup mix + milk + spices (e.g. chipotle powder) to taste = quick stove-top sauce for chicken, pasta, etc.

Popcorn + flour = Popcorn bread.

Peanut buutter = good dredging dip for freshly popped popcorn.

Peanut butter + peanuts (optional) + olive oil + sesame oil + cayenne + a little sugar = Thai/Szechuan pepper sauce.

Peanut butter + honey + bread = Sandwich.

etc., etc., etc.
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We seem to move a lot. I try to use the expensive stuff first. In your case, maybe the shrimp and scallops. I wouldn't worry too much about the canned stuff because that will travel and keep well. Downsizing is tough, I feel for you. We are stuck in a 700 sq ft apartment for who knows how long and left behind a 3000 square foot home. Needless to say, furniture and clothes are in storage. Good luck, it is even tougher with little ones, at least I don't have that worry.

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Looks like you have what you need to make a seafood cerviche ie: shrimp, tilapia, scallops. You could make some flour tortillas and make some seafood enchiladas. You could go to the Cuisine Index and do a search for some of the ingredients or do an alphabetical browse. Also, try a search of your ingredients on Foodgawker, that'll get you started.
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WOOOO...Let me get back to you. I see various meals, but need to view this tomorrow.
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Thanks everyone! Today's agenda already includes a Tres leches cake for dessert! I am looking forward to more ideas!
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