Smoked Mac & Cheese--Sharon?
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I've tried searching about this, but couldn't find any real information. I'm going to be smoking some chuck roasts this weekend, and thought that smoking mac & cheese while the meat was resting might be tasty.

Sharon, haven't you mentioned doing this? (Or did I just make it up, which is entirely possible right now!) If you have done this before, I'd love to hear more about it. I'm not sure if I should add some smoked gouda or cheddar to my usual mac & cheese, or if I should cook the casserole in the smoker as if I were cooking it in the oven. I'd love anyone's input! TIA
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I've made a mac and cheese with gouda, cheddar, and bacon that has a smoky flavor. It's quite good, but it's done in the oven.
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Karyn, HERE is where Sharon mentioned it. Not much detail, but maybe it will help.
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Karyn - I make my usual ultra cheesy mac & cheese and put it in a baking dish that won't be ruined in the smoker and get it in the smoker while it's still hot. About an hour and a half or two hours and it's perfection. Depending on the meat we'll put the mac under the meat toward the end of the smoking so that drippings will add to the flavor. Chicken - not so much; just a little scary.

If you don't have a smoker using smoked cheese will give you close to the same flavor.
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Thanks all! I'll be trying smoked mac & cheese on Saturday while my smoked meat is resting. I'm really looking forward to it!

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