Pineapple Martini (Cocktail) Review
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sssis's good! We both like it very much, it's not sweet which I thought it would be, just very nice. Now, I'm thinking all the things I can add this pineapple to.... ice cream,, crisp, dip wedges in marshmallow/cream cheese dip, carrot cake.......

Would love to make a slushy drink with it also.
One's the limit on this tho.
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May we just call it a "Pineapple Cocktail"? I might try it--maybe--
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Yeah!!!! I am so glad you like it!

I told William about it, and he thinks the Coconut Rum would ruin it. He likes the idea of the rest, though. Was the coconut obvious in the mix?

BTW, I'm curious. Did you garnish with the pineapple that "fermented"? She seemed to think it was too potent. Although, I'm thinking cream cheese pineapple ice cream would be first on my list...potent or not! I'm assuming you used her recipe...scaled down. How much did it yield? On the first read, I thought it only made two martinis but realized that couldn't be right.

I KNEW I was saving those last three vanilla beans for more than another round of Crème Brûlée! Now to pick up a couple bottles of vodka without the lady at the ABC store thinking we're alcoholics!

You know, I'm really impatient to try there any way I can use some of my homemade vanilla extract to create my vanilla vodka and just switch out some extract for plain? (My extract has been curing for about 5 months undisturbed.) I could also take out enough for a couple of baking/ice cream projects planned before I started another cure. Wouldn't that speed up the process? I've probably got close to two pints of extract.
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You had to ask.

Cream of Coconut? St Lopez brand I believe?

How about some maraschino cherries marianted in Everclear?

Yeah, those Cherry Bombs would light off anything you want to start!

Barbara<~~~has some cherries marinating in Everclear and Cherry Juice for 20+ years
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Bill, I think Pineapple Cocktail sounds fine. And you can serve it in any vessel you so choose!

Barbara, are you sure those cherries haven't disintegrated by now?!?!? LOL!
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It does sound really good. PS, Ina's carrot pineapple cake is really great, great frosting as well, and stays moist for about a week. I adapted both recipes to reduce sugar, fat and calories and was really pleased with the results. (One of my adaptations was to macerate the raisins in coconut rum but your martini mix would be great as well).
The link to the recipe you posted says it makes 2 martini's, yet the amount of liquor equals about 5.5 cups which for me would be more than 2 martini's. So how many did you get out of one batch?
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Funny, Cubangirl. I noticed the discrepancy between liquid ingredients and servings, too. I think the serving instructions just indicate how to serve 2 six ounce martinis. I have PM'ed Jean to see how many total it will make. I'm thinking a lot more than 2...LOL!

Actually, if you do the math...figuring the pineapple could give up to 1/2 cup of liquid, that would leave 6 cups. There are 8 ounces in a cup, right(?)...8 times 6 equals 48 ounces. Now 48 ounces divided by 6 ounces per serving...that would be 8 servings. Eight VERY POTENT servings...LOL! I figure that would get 8 people tipsy or 4 people VERY tipsy...LOL!

We'll see what Jean says.....
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Jean what was your mixture. A gentleman back east told us 1 pineapple for 1 bottle of 750ml of vodka, let steep for 24-48 hours.
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Okay...I think this is the right thread: Pineapple Martini It's found at the BOTTOM of this thread.

I hope this is it. I posted this to Jean a while back. It was so JEAN, I had to tell her about it! But as mentioned before, the sandwich here is GREAT also!
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O.K., I'll try to answer all questions about the mix/drink.

-the coconut obvious? No, and I'm not a coconut person, I couldn't even tell it was in there, but, it did add 'a flavor'

- garnish with the pineapple? yes, and boy, did those little suckers have a great flavor! (the gal that did the recipe must not be a 'drinker'

- cream cheese pineapple ice cream, me too!!

- How much does it make? With the pineapple and the liquor, I put this in my 6 qt. cambro and it was about 5 qts. (well, piddle - ~1/2 gal. vodka + ~pt. each of van. vodka = ~8 cups) I think the author mentioned how to make two martinis (or cocktails for Mr. Bill) because probably that's about all anyone should have at one time.

- Daphne, I don't see why your homemade van. vodka wouldn't work.

- well, as long as the fruit is submerged in the liquor, it's supposed to last...but, 20 years??? geez.

Roy's Pineapple Martini
Adapted from:
Recipe adapted from Roy's Fusion Restaurant

Hawaiian Martini's
makes 2500 ml allow to infuse about 1 week

1500 ml (2 750 ml bottles) vodka
500 ml vanilla vodka
500 ml coconut rum (like Malibu)
2 fresh pineapples, cut into 1 inch wedges

1.In a large (6 quart) container with a spigot-such as a lemonade, ice tea, or a punch dispenser-layer pineapple.

2.Pour alcohol over pineapple making sure to completely cover the pineapple.

3.Allow to infuse at least a week, will stay good much longer as long as the pineapple slices remain submerged.

4.To serve (makes 2 drinks), measure out 4-6 oz liquid. Add along with ice to a martini shaker and shake vigorously.

5.Strain into two martini glasses, garnish with a wedge of marinated pineapple.

Blogger's Note:
This recipe is different from other recipes on the web but is straight from the bartenders at the original Roy’s in Hawaii.
Their mix is huge though: 2 bottles of vanilla vodka, 2 bottles of coconut rum, and 6 bottles of regular vodka. Feel free to do the math if you want to make an even smaller batch.
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