Plum BBQ Sauce
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Oh my, oh my, oh my...

So I got this recipe and tweaked it a bit more to our tastes. Derek and I have been sampling bbq sauces have come to determination that this is our favorite.

[Image: 1choppedplums.jpg]

Plums are pitted but the skins left on. I chopped my up a bit.

[Image: 3addsomeonionsgarlicandlemons.jpg]

Then some onions, garlic and sliced lemon is added. Some sauces call for lemon juice..bah slice that sucker up and put it in as is. Pull the seeds out. This will give you the tang of the juice as it cooks out and the sweetness from the rind.

[Image: 21bottleofwine.jpg]

My secret ingredient

[Image: 4boilabit.jpg]

Let it softly boil about an hour to get to a syrupy consistency.

[Image: 5puree.jpg]

Then it all gets pureed in a food processor. (minus the lemons)

[Image: 6addfewotheringredients.jpg]

Next we add a few other ingredients.

[Image: 7smellsandtasteswonderful.jpg]

This smells so wonderful and it is really good on ribs! Now we let all this cook another hour or 2 till it thickens up.

[Image: 8allreadytoshare.jpg]

And there you have it, enough to share
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But, but....the recipe? I suppose I could guess, but what is that in the measuring cup? It almost looks like garlic powder.
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Packed brown sugar I'll get the recipe uploaded when I get home
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Oh man, that looks soooooo goooood!! You're an angel to shre the recipe. Thanks!!

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Looks and sounds as good as I thought it would. Yum!!
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And I was just thinking the other day that I haven't had a fresh plum in ages, so I put it on my list for this week. This sauce sounds delicious, so I second the request to post the recipe!

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Hey, Denise, Picky would eat this if I didn't tell him there were plums in it! Thanks for the post.

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I was hoping for the recipe also. lol I usually make Chef Dave Nelson's, but would love to see yours.
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