Storing olives?
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Friends who came for dinner last night brought me the most wonderful platter of mixed olives, marinated mushrooms and artichoke hearts, fresh mozzarella balls, etc. These all seemed to be packed in oil.

There's a good deal of olives left (there were a ton of them! Yay!). How do I store these? Refrigerate in oil, or can I use brine?

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If you have some brine like a half empty jar of Kalamatas or other good olives in the frig, put them in that. Or olive oil, I don't think I'd make a brine for them, they have already been brined and might make them too salty.

AND, then hurry and make this - from Issue #42

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Greek Salsa Chicken

For the Salsa- Combine:
3 pkgs. crumbled feta cheese -- (4oz. each)
1 pint grape or cherry tomatoes -- halved
1 jar pitted kalamata olives -- (4.75 oz.)
1/2 cup minced fresh parsley
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil
2 T. chopped fresh oregano
For the Chicken- Saute in 1/4 Cup Olive Oil:
6 skinless -- bone-in chicken breast halves (8 oz. each), seasoned
1 Squeeze over Chicken:
2 lemons -- cut into wedges
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Preheat oven to 450°.
Combine all salsa ingredients in large bowl; cover and chill.

Sauté chicken in oil, breast side down, in a large roasting pan over medium-high heat until browned. Turn chicken over.

Squeeze chicken with lemon juice, then nestle the squeezed lemon wedges around the breasts. Roast chicken about 50 minutes, or until it reaches 165° on an instant read thermometer. Transfer chicken and lemons to a large platter and top with salsa.

Notes: Fresh oregano and parsley embellish the bold flavors of the salsa.

If you don't have a roasting pan, browning the chicken in a large ovenproof skillet will work.

Makes: 6 Servings

"Cuisine at home, December 2003, Issue 42, p. 14)"
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That chicken is really good!!
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Thanks for the advice, and the recipe Jean! DH hates olives, but I'll make half of the salsa without them.

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If they are plain, you can put them in olive oil and add what ever herbs you like, I use herbes de provences.
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Lorraine, my friend made little tags for them (though he swears that he wasn't poking fun at me since I do that!) and they are Greek seasoned, pitted kalamata, and feta-stuffed olives. Would the kalamata work for what you are suggesting?

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Well, ahem, Vicci, if you want, I'll be glad to help you with your storage problem. Send some here and I will make sure that not a one is wasted
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We've done it with the plain kalamata, but not the feta stuffed ones. Jean, that recipe sounds great. Thanks.
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