Sweet Cherries Cheesecake in a Cup
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This recipe is modified so that it can be served in a cup. You can serve this as a dessert for a sit down party at home with family and friends. People will loved you to bits!!

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Sweet Cherries Cheesecake in a Cup
Recipe by Gina Choong

Yields 36 cups
Ingredients for filling
250g cream cheese
250g Lite Sour Cream
250g Thickened cream(at least 35% butterfat content)
60g icing sugar

Ingredients for Topping:
1 can of Dark Sweet Cherries(or use fresh cherries)
3 tbsp corn starch
100ml syrup from canned cherries

Method for Filling
1. Leave cream cheese out on the table to melt slightly.
2. Cut it up into smaller pieces so it is easier to whip later on.
3. Add cut cheese and rest of the filling ingredients into a mixer bowl.
4. Whip at medium speed till its smooth and creamy.
5. Scoop cheese to fill cups(from the fridge) till half full.
6. Leave it in the fridge.

Method for topping
1. Drain cherries and add into a sauce pot.
2. Do not discard the syrup. Use 100ml and add cornstarch to stir till evenly mixed. Make sure there are no lumps.
3. Turn on the stove and add the syrup mix and cook over low heat till the mixture turns sticky like those pie filling.
4. Do not over cook..turn off fire when the mixture appears thick, not runny.

5. Leave it to cool slightly.
6. Scoop and add to the cheese cups.

7. Chill for a good 2 hours before serving.

This dessert is the most delicious ones I have made. You can freeze this and serve later..like a month later!

Fresh cherries are imported from USA to Singapore and costs an arm and leg. So its often bought and eaten straightaway. We don't use it to make cakes with it.
So its often in cakes or pastries, we used canned cherries.
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this sounds wonderful, Gina!
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MERCY! I'm drooling! Gina, you have touched a nerve here. Cherries and cheesecake are a MAJOR weakness for me and YS. It's like you're reading my mind. This will be PERFECT for his coming home/birthday party!!!!!
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