Fun Day!
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Spent the day with Houseboat Don and I really thought he was responsible for dinner...wrong!

You can't believe the cr*p he had in his pantry - everything I asked for (after I realized dinner would be made by me or we weren't eating ) was up to ten years past "use by" date. Decided to do some deep fried salmon chunks with veggie chunks. The baking powder was 'use by --- 2000' - geez, so I just used double and hoped for the best. Made a crab melt kind of sauce to serve over rice and dinner was ready. Thank God, we had lots of wine, 'cause Don and Roy loved everything. Which sent me immediately to the kahlua, 'cause it really was not that good. Oh well. Great day on the water and watching the world go by.

Tomorrow, we'll go back to Don's - Roy is making German Pancakes and two bottles of champagne in the frig. Then we'll head home. Fun, fun time!!

Man, I hope this post looks as coherent tomorrow a.m. as it does right now...

Horsepuckie!1 I completely forgot to mention the neat couple we met at Don's who were "floating home shopping" - they own an Onion farm in Idaho (100 years old this year)

Great couple and they want some recpes and they had some great ideas for using their onions. They only grow the humungous one core onions - the kind Outback uses (they have a contract with them for those beauties). Jon & Margie Watson, and it is so interesting how they work their onion farm.
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I bet you picked their brain, for sure. Oh Don! How could you? I can't believe you pulled it out, though. At least they were happy and there was plenty of Kahlua for you...LOL!
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Well, that must have been quite a shock. HBD must be used to eating out a lot.

Glad you had a fun day. Sounds like you managed very well and just made the most of it.

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Jean, Great job! You pulled through!

At least you had the water and the passerbys. Enjoy breakfast!
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Lol he was probably so glad you came by knowing what he had and how you'd fix things up

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