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Oh my.
I'm sitting here on the back porch with all of the windows wide open, watching fireflies, and listening to these wonderful sounds. Crickets, yes, but there's some sort of insect making a squealing noise repeatedly, and other night sounds... I love this so much! I wonder if there's a cd of these sounds that I can play in the winter?

At the lake house I heard the first tree frogs of the season, and after Jack went to sleep I cranked the window beside my bed open so I could hear them as I drifted off (we had the a/c on and he has a fit when I open the windows!)

Why can't summer last longer? And, while I'm asking for things, I'd like the temps to be about 10 degrees cooler as well.

How is everyone else enjoying their summer?

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Vicci I saw my first firefly the other night, just one. The insects we hear here are going bzzzzzzzzzzzz. At least we haven't seen ticks in a while. Between flies, gnats, and skeeters we're sick of bugs.

So far if it isn't windy, humid, the middle of a severe thunderstorm, a freakin' tornado warning, or hotter than #ell it isn't ND in the summer.

We're still trying to pack it up - but one thing or another weatherwise just keeps comin' up. We've got to get stuff done and it's hard when the temp & humidity are killing you.

But!!!!!! The scenery here is absolutely amazing. The fields look like a patchwork quilt - golden brown, pale green, deep green, and beautiful blue flax. There is so much beauty here it just stuns me. If the weather would just be nicer . . . oh well. The beautiful cows and their darling calves just make me grin. I do really love ND!!!
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The humidity is high, as well as the temps. Theresa even noticed the difference in the humidity down here. It makes it seem so much hotter! BUT we have a new window unit for the bedroom, and it's doing so good, we can leave the bedroom door open for most of the day to cool the living room and kitchen.

The mosquitoes have not been so bad this year, so far. It's been really dry lately, but we've just had a bunch of rain, so that will change quickly. I love the tree frogs, but I love the dragonflies, humming birds, and bull frogs even better. I like the deep baritone sound of the bull frogs more than any other summer night sound. Here you go: Bull frog When a couple dozen are "singing" in harmony, it's great!
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In Orlando, we always had the tree frogs that some people called "rain frogs" because they would sing like crazy after a good rain. This was not the deep, bullfrog sound, but was incredibly loud considering how relatively small those frogs were. It was also particularly funny that it sounded as though they were all shouting, "Feed me! Feed me!" LOL!
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Our summer is back to more like normal heat and humidity. We've enjoyed a couple of cool summers in a row and forgot how hot it could get!

Hubby planted a prairie patch in our courtyard, mostly trying to attract butterflies. We've been getting butterflies that I've been trying to identify and LOTS of bees. This morning while I was having my morning coffee, a pair of gold finches were feasting on the seeds from the coneflowers. Started my day out great!
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I really miss the bull frogs from CA. That sound is just wonderful. I forgot the beautiful dragonflies and all the birds.

But, again, in the middle of the night we were awakened by more horrendous thunder and lightening along with torrential rain (for a while). It was supposed to go north east through Manitoba - nope nailed us.

Bob had to get up in the middle of the night and go to the mobile home and shut the windows. Today we're finding the leaks.

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Well, gotta say I enjoyed the heck out of our 2 - 2 1/2 weeks of summer!! The last 4 or 5 days we're back to the fog on both sides of us (north, on the straits and south, on the mountain side). We do get a sunny patch over us about 2 p.m. until sundown. Don't know how much fog Marye and Erin have been getting.

Frogs? I sure miss hearing them. When we lived on the Russian River the windows were always open for them to serenade us. I agree, Vicci, life is good!
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Yes, Jean we are cloudy until around 2:00pm. Mornings start around 55, gets up to about 72. I also enjoyed those few weeks of summer we had. I have even had to turn the heat on in the mornings. My Raynauds has not let up at all this summer. Fingers got numb picking rasbperries yesterday.

We have dragonflies. Love to fing them metamorphosing in the early summer. Lots of little tree frogs and bull frogs. Blue herrons, Osprey and Bald Eagles. No crickets though. They used to drive me nuts in Az - they would get in the house and at night one would start up, turn on the light to find them and they'd stop. Could go on all night!
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Not a lot of nature sounds in our little community, unless you count the coyotes. We need to head to the beach to get nature noises. Luckily it's only 20 minutes to one of the prettiest beaches in So. Cal. (Crystal Cove for those of you who might know the area). I could listen to the seagulls and crashing waves for hours.

Totally enjoying the weather! I cannot remember such a pleasant summer temp wise. June gloom extended way into July. I have only had to put the A/C on three times this season. I know it will get hot right as school starts and my little guy will come home with a headache every day. Blah.
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That sounds nice, Vicci. I love reading about the different parts of the country. One of the reasons I love living in New England is that we get 4 distinct seasons, winter, more winter,
mud season and the 4th of July

Actually, we've had a summer this year. Started in May with temps in the 80's, then all of June and July with most of it being in the 90's. One heat wave after another. This morning, though, I had to turn my car heater on going to work. Which meant it was probably like 70 degrees

I only saw 1 firefly this year. It was only 20 years ago or so that my kids were catching them in mason jars, now it appears they have disappeared.

I love on the edge of a wetlands (I call it a swamp) so I have all kinds of stuff to listen to. Ducks, frogs, crickets, the occasional moose tramping back and forth (and they are loud). It is nice listening to the night noises, isn't it?


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