What's for Dinner, Wed. 8/5??
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What's on the menu for all?

LAMB CHOPS tonight - yum!!!!
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I'm going to try a recipe I found while stumbling through Foodgawker a while back, Grilled Honey Garlic Chicken. I haven't decided on sides yet, but I figure a salad will fit in there. I've got potatoes, so maybe a potato salad? (Temps are going back up here, so something cold sounds good...maybe some deviled eggs, too!)
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I'm defrosting some homemade sauce with spicy sausage in it (Tony made it) and I'll make some spinach and ricotta stuffed shells out of it.

Darn it, I just realized I never put away the other half of the baguette loaf last night. It's probably like a brick now. Shucks.
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Pork tenderloin and roasted veges from the Bayless book. It's hot here, so we'll be grilling.
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It's hot here, too (not that that's a surprise). We're having ziti with a grilled gazapacho sauce and grilled sausages.
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I am doing the cherry chipotle chicken thing from "Fresh and Fabulous" noting Daphne's comments on her review. I will make rice with lime and cilantro as a side and a ceasar salad. It is hot hot hot again. yuk.

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We're having angel hair with fresh tomato sauce and turkey meatballs. Also grilling up some eggplant topped with mozz. Just a smidge on mine... Fresh strawberries for dessert, strawberry shortcake for Ron.

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It was going to be Asian flavored grilled hanger steak, rice and broccoli. Dinner got interrupted before anything but the rice was done - so guess what we're having tomorrow!
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Had a change of plans because of the rain. - I got caught in a downpour

Turned the tenderloin into pan seared medallions with a onion and raisin sauce from Best Recipes. It was good.

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