Sunday Dinner?? 8/8
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What's on the menu??

Chicken for us. And, I can finally cook again tomorrow. I am making my stock for French Market Soup to have for lunches for a couple of weeks. I will try to continue to eat a lunch - what a difference in energy levels thruout the day.
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This evening is the annual picnic for combined chapters of the American Wine Society in our area. Ribs, brisket, and pulled pork (and wine of course) are provided while each couple brings a side to share. I am making the Barbeque Macaroni with corn and scallions from Fresh and Fabulous. I am adding black beans and chipotles to the recipe. Can't wait to try it!

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Home after being gone for two nights. Just pulled out some thinner cut rib eye's on the bone to thaw. I need to hit the grocery store for some things and will figure out sides. Maybe corn on the cob and a baked potato. Simple, but good.
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I'm really tired (read: exhausted). On the menu----SLEEP!!!----after a simple salad maybe.
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Roxanne, you sound like my mother everytime Aunt Lolly came to visit - every drawer in the house even had to be cleaned 'cause she'd go thru them.
Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.
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We are going up to my mom's for dinner. She is making won ton soup and stir fry.

The kids love won ton soup. I have not made it. My mom usually makes a pretty good one. Ready for a light dinner. I think I carb loaded last week...
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We put a pork butt in the smoker yesterday, then wrapped in foil, nicely sauced and put in a slow oven overnight. So for lunch we had pulled pork and coleslaw. Also have four little balls of pizza dough sitting out to warm up for some grilled pizza later and a romaine salad.

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Since we didn't have the wasabi salmon patties last night I'm going to make them tonight with some fried rice and sauteed spinach. I even found some frozen salmon to augment the canned salmon.
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It is so hot and humid here, we are staying inside. It's too hot to grill even. We are having baked turkey burgers. I pulled some hard rolls out of the freezer and we will put cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce on them with a dilled-light mayo. No sides. We are back on the cabbage soup thing next week. Probably won't do it for breakfast, lunch and dinner like before. But we will see.
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William requested Erin's Pasta Cobb Salad. I was really craving the Chicken Linguine with Candied Cherry Tomatoes, but the little local grocery didn't have goat cheese. But I WILL have it sometime later this week.
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