Udon Noodles
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I bought these on my last trip to the Asian market, but I can't remember why. Sad...I know.

So what are you're BEST recipes for using these noodles. I can't help but think it is a soup type recipe. It's hot here, but if it IS a soup recipe, I'm willing to wait, so post them anyway.

If not, bring it on! I'm heading to the city this weekend. So I'll have access to some veggies I can't get around here. I'd love to do a stir fry. I haven't been able to do but ONE recipe in the new "wok" and would love to do something special......

BTW....It's my Thirtieth Anniversary Monday! We're going to celebrate ALL weekend!!!!!
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In my other types of Japanese noodles thread, Jean mentioned a C@H recipe for Portobello Kung Pao which, in turn uses another C@H recipe for Sesame Noodles, which uses udon noodles.

Also, when I was doing some googling about the noodles, I found THIS article which describes a number of common udon dishes in Japan. Unfortunately, it doesn't have any recipes, since it is more of a guide to what to expect at udon restaurants. It could be a good starting point, though, for narrowing down recipes to google. Most of them do sound interesting, to me, but I think I'll mostly be looking for Curry Udon and Niku Udon.
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The Kung Pao recipe is really ringing bells. If nothing else shows up, this is DEFINITELY on the list! Heck, it's on the list ANYWAY! Thanks, Labs!
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I love, love, love the Portobello Kung Pao recipe! I've found frozen udon at the local Asian market.
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Party time at Daphne & Williams!! Denise, drag out the shooters - about time to get another anniversary couple in trouble with them!! A couple years ago, we had a small get together on our anniversary and I told everyone they had to go home at a certain time, 'cause then it was 'our time' - Roy was in bed before everyone left.
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