What's for Dinner, Monday, 8/16??
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What's on the menu??

Have a game hen defrosting...that's as far as I've gotten.
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  Re: What's for Dinner, Monday, 8/16?? by cjs (What's on the menu??...)
I've had a cup and half of coffee and 2 maple cinnamon mini doughnuts. Today is going to be cool and a just breezy with low humidity. Perfect day to accomplish something - another load to storage, doing some shopping, and getting another load ready to go.

Maybe I'll grab something at the store for the grill or just thaw some ground beef and make burgers and have the last of last night's tomato tart. I could eat that every night - but it's more of a treat!
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Tonight is the delayed surf and turf. I don't know what surf he'll pick up, I just hope he remembers to pick it up...LOL!
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I'm making Korean tri-tip steaks on the grill from the New CAH Light Fresh and Fabulous book. Also have the prosciutto wrapped tilapia on the menu for later in the week.
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I have two ways to go after an expensive little trip to the grocery store yesterday. I can make either veal piccata with an orzo pilaf and broccolini or I can make a boneless rib eye roast with au jus, mashed potatoes and corn.
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Yum! Trixxee both of those sound really good.

Not sure what we are having tonight yet. I am probably going to have to drive my daughter back to wisconsin today. Something simple will be in order.
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Sams Club had some beautiful wild sockeye salmon this morning so that will be grilled on cedar planks for dinner. I have a nice head of romaine so will probably make a ceasar salad to go along with.

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YUM, everyone's plans sound delicious! Theresa, you could also try grilled romaine
After much foodgawker-ing and staring into the fridge while zoning out, I decided to do Zucchini Linguine with chickpeas, garlic, onion, and evo over whole wheat linguine. I've been getting alot of ideas/inspiration from carbloversdiet.com
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  Re: Re: What's for Dinner, Monday, 8/16?? by farnfam (YUM, everyone's plan...)
I've been eying that Korean tri-tip recipe as well. I'd love to hear what you think about it.

DS is being spoiled this week, since he heads back to school this weekend. Tonight's request is pork schnitzel, which I'm serving with red cabbage and spaetzle, assuming I don't totally mess up the spaetzle. (I've never made it before).
  Re: Re: What's for Dinner, Monday, 8/16?? by karyn (I've been eying that...)
Labs got me into a taco mood... I have some poblanos in the fridge which need to be used since there are a bunch in the garden, almost ready to be picked, so maybe grilled chicken and poblano tacos? DH has been asking for zucchini pancakes lately, so that may be a nontraditional side.

Karyn, to be honest I'm not sure I even know what spaezle is. I'm thinking it's made from potatoes...

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