Fruit Juice Beef Jerky
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Ingredients :
500 g ground Beef
juice from 1 orange
zest from the orange
70g Maltose syrup
50g sugar
2 tbsp Fish Sauce

20ml honey mixed with 10ml water

Method :
1. Stir Maltose and sugar into orange juice till melted
2. Then mixed it with minced beef, orange zest and fish sauce.
3. Spread the mixture on a sheet of aluminium foil.
4. Rest the foil on a table mat for support.
5. Leave it inside the fridge to dry out for 24 hours.
6. Grilled in preheated oven 180C for 20 mins or until evenly browned.
7. Brush with honey water every 10 mins.
8. Remove and cut into smaller pieces.
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Gina, this sounds like something my youngest son would LOVE! Copied and saved.
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