Grocery stores in MA?
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I am preparing for our trip and have found a listing of grocery stores in the area where we will be staying. I know nothing about any of them, and a couple are chains so I will ask if anyone knows anything about:
Price Chopper
Cumberland Farms

Is one any better than the others? There is also a Whole Foods, but I plan to get only a few "special" things there.

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Meijer is a chain that started out of Michigan. We have two stores in our community. It is my preferred place to do most of my regular shopping. Great produce and lots of selection.

IGA stands for Independent Grocers Association. That means that a local owner ties into this association for advertising, etc. The stores therefore differ by community.

Not familiar with the other choices; except for WF.
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  • Price Chopper: Very big in NY state. Usually good stores with good prices. One in Norwich, NY (and probably other of their locations, but I'm not sure) had really good Italian bread with whole cloves of roasted garlic in it that they sold in their in-store bakery.
  • Meijer: Have only heard of these, but have heard they are very nice stores, though a little pricier.
  • Shaws: Don't know this one at all.
  • Cumberland Farms: A conveniences store. such as 7-11, based in Framingham. Not a full grocery store as the others.
  • IGA: "Independent Grocers' Alliance" - When I lived in PA, they were the ones that absorbed the A&P stores that went out of business, and generally were similar.
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Vicci, I'm thinking you will be most happy with Meijer. They are larger stores like you are used to and usually have pretty good prices. The IGA's here in Ohio are very small grocery stores, usually in the more rural areas, and can vary a lot from one location to another.

You must be getting excited about your trip. Hope you have a wonderful time. I love everything about New England!

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Shaws is okay but pricey. Good produce, meat is just so so.

Cumbys (Cumberland Farms) is a convenience store. Hit a Demoulas/Market Basket if you can. Good prices for grocery items, and their produce in the newer stores (like mine in Epping) is awesome.

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The Meijer we had in Michigan was the worst grocery store. It was huge, even has paint, furniture, etc. I stopped shopping there because half the time the meat was bad....I think they repackaged and changed the expiration date.

When my mom was alive and living in Mass, she shopped at Shaws. I don't think there was a Price Chopper in her area.

I had a Price Chopper in Missouri and it was not bad, in fact I shopped there more than any other place. They had good prices but the selection wasn't the best.

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Thanks for the advice! I've put your comments on the "grocery store" sheet ( ) and we'll make decisions on where to go based on what we have planned and what direction we are heading in any particular day.

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Hi I am in Boston now and just went to Shaw's yesterday. I liked their selection of produce, cheeses, breads. In comparison with the rest of the store, the meat selection was not great, but the what they did have was good. I was looking for "london broil" type meat to make breaded Cuban steak and found beautifully trimmed eye of the round steaks for $4.49 which is a great price since the fat was almost completely trimmed off. I have been buying soda and fruit at an Ethiopian convenience store across the street from where I am staying. I am going to try some injera and buy some berbere to bring home. I loved Marcus Samuelson on Top Chef Masters and want to try some of the recipes from the recent Top Chef quick fire challenge.
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Thanks for chiming in, Cubangirl. I think I'll add Shaw's to the list since I won't be looking for meat. As long as the store has decent produce, meat, and bread I will be very happy!

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