Sharon & Bob Arrived
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They pulled in about 1 p.m. yesterday afternoon and we had a great afternoon talking, talking, talking - along with a visit to our favorite winery. Just a great afternoon. I'll have to post more later 'cause we've got to get on the road to my Aunts.

Sharon and Bob are going to just kick back while we're gone today so she'll probably be on later. Sure fun having them here.
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Have a wonderful visit!
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Jean and Roy are the most incredible hosts. The food, the wine . . . . everything was just perfect. Of course Jean & Roy make you feel so at home. More later, must find Bob and a cup o' coffee.
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Good deal! I'm glad the first leg of your trip went well. Have fun!
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Yay! I won't expect you to reply to my email right away. Enjoy your time!
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Have a blast you guys
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Happy times! 8 days till my first C@H friends arrive.
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Well, aren't we having a foodie good time up here!! Yesterday was kind of a zoo around here, we had to go to Everett for the day and Bob & Sharon had the first relaxing day (I think) since they began packing up a few weeks ago.

Here's some of the food we've been having -

Oysters with Parmesan & Herbs (I changed the recipe a little - I doubled all the topping ingredients except the olive oil and we all liked it - I liked it much better.) It's post here somewhere or I'll repost if necessary.
[Image: CIMG0908.jpg]

Cedar Planked Brie with Berries - Sharon posted this recipe a while back and it just looked so good. We all liked it, but mixed reviews on whether the cedar is worth is, but it was good and pretty presentation.
[Image: CIMG0911.jpg]

I caught Brian Boitano's show a week or so ago and he made some good sounding food. This dessert, Pear & Almond Crostata was the dessert of his show and it's wonderful!!
[Image: CIMG0900.jpg]

[Image: CIMG0901.jpg]

(I'll post the recipe if anyone wants it. It's really good)

For dinner Tuesday night, we had Lab's b'day dish - the Asian-Spiced Pork Stew, Roasted Cauliflower and Naan. Yum, it was so good.

Sharon is thawing some abalone for today - we're planning on just grazing all day! I've got some steak thawing to show them how the salt block works. I've got Boitano's Coq au Vin-Guine made up and ready for sometime today also.....

And came thru with my latest order yesterday and oh my, what a wonderful wine it is!! Orin-Swift Cellars in Napa, The Prisoner, a blend of Cab, Zin, Syrah, Petite Sirah, Charbono & Grenache.Just wonderful!

So, that's what's goin' on in P.a. these days.
Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.
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Wow! Good eats!

I would love to have the Pear & Almond Crostata recipe!

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