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I recently heard about a wonderful restaurant and it is very close. They seem to have a wonderful menu that changes all the time, which is fabulous. You don't see that much around here. My question is this. Every month they do a five course dinner including wine for $75. Now does this include a gratuity?

Here is their September menu: Nectar Wine Bar & Bistro
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Now does this include a gratuity?

Probably not. From what I've seen, it's usually only included it it specifically SAYS "Gratuity included." You may just have to have someone call them and ask to be sure, though.
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I agree with Labs.... probably not.
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If the gratuity was included it should say so. I'd call to be sure, though. That dinner sure sounds good.
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No, it would not be included.

That is the biggest problem with menus around here - they are all static (non-changing) rather than cycle menus which change (at least a portion) after a number of days. It gets so boring with the only change being a 'special'.

Laura, that bistro menu has some nice sounding dishes that I may steal the ideas for....
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I'm with the others, tip is not included. What a great price for a wine paired meal. I could make a meal out of just the appetizers. Lamb Lollipops.
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And panko crusted walleye. We love walleye! Nice sounding menu. Let us know if you go.

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Wow, that looks sooo good! That'll never happen around here, though. I DO need to check into some of the newer places in Wilmington....which reminds me, I need to pick a restaurant for next weekend! I have GUESTS coming down!
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