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I put in a call to Maryann and Ron. I've worried about the weather affecting their vacation. I don't know if any of you know, but a tropical storm has been pushing slowly up the coast dumping historical amounts of water on the east coast. This after record breaking amounts of rain earlier this week. Wilmington has recorded 26+ inches in four days. I'm home today because of so many road closings in the area. With rivers and creeks yet to crest, I don't know what tomorrow will bring.

Anyway, I called Maryann and Ron to offer help with road closing when they leave Saturday. I totally forgot they finally bought a GPS, so my help will probably not be needed. But it was good to have a chat. They've actually been able to sit out on the beach for a few hours here and there and have seen and done some fun things to fill their time. It has been a quiet peaceful week for them. As a matter of fact they were sitting on the beach when I called...LOL! "Not getting a suntan here, but...." Although, they had an interesting night last night. The worst part of the storm came through in the middle of the night last night, and they got a small taste of what it would be like during a hurricane. I'll leave the details for Maryann to tell!

She asked about all of you and told me to tell everyone HI!
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I have been so far out of touch this week - had no idea there was another storm on the eastern shores. Wow. Stay safe - is the worst behind you now, Daphne??
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Yeah my folks are on a cruise that is coming down the eastern seaboard. I haven't heard much from them but hope they're dry

Thank you for the update on Maryann, so good to hear our extended family is safe
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I was thinking of you today, Daphne, but didn't know that Maryann was there yet. It's mostly over by now (I think),so you should be starting to dry out. I hope.

We received about 1-1/2" of rain in the last 24 hours, probably way less than you all got from Nicole.

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In the past four days, we've gotten around 30 inches in areas from here to the coast. It's really crazy! I've got a two hour delay tomorrow, and I'm not sure we'll go at all. Our superintendent wasn't here for Hurricane Floyd. It took a couple of days for the water in the ground to make it's way into ditches, creeks, streams, and rivers. When they started to rise, roadways and bridges were covered in several feet of water in areas. Granted, we've had a drought, so that will help, since water levels are down, but who knows. Portions of major highways- I40, I95, I85, I17 are closed as we speak. We needed the rain, but not all at once. And now the weather people are talking about "Troptober"...hurricane months along the East Coast. OIY! But for now the rain seems to have stopped. Good thing is, the temps are to drop to the mid to lower 70's. AHHHHHHH!

Denise, I hope your parents are okay. The coastal waters were to have near Tropical Storm conditions. That wouldn't make for a very pleasant cruise. And this thing was HUGE!
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Denise I hope your folks are okay. That would be scary.

Daphne I'm glad you're ok. I guess I should look at all this heat with a better attitude - it's HOT; I have AC, it's not humid, and there are no tornado warnings! There better now and temps are dropping.
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Hey Daphne,

I hope you're doing okay because I saw Hurricane Nicole's path and you must've been hammered sometime yesterday.

We're getting hammered with winds and rain now from that one.

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Hammered isn't the word for it. It poured rain ALL DAY! And that was after record breaking (second only to Hurricane Floyd) torrential rains Monday and part of Tuesday. Luckily, we didn't get the wind some got. The winds were only experienced along the beaches and off shore. Good thing. There would have been a lot more damage to property with downed trees and power lines. The ground is so saturated, it wouldn't take much wind for them to topple.
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We don't even have any storm remnants hanging around, and we have been getting MUCH more rain than tropical storm Matthew brought us. Even last night's and today's rains, taken separately, were a LOT more than the storm. Then again, it hasn't been THAT far out of the ordinary for here (one December, for example, it rained for two WEEKS straight, without stopping).
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Man!!! You all are having some kind of weather--when we were going thru the fringes of Igor, Eric, our former submariner, sent this message--"keep your clothes dry and your drinks wet", and I add, be well.
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