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We took a very enjoyable detour through Virginia a few weeks back, on our way to SC. This was our first visit with Lorraine and Gil, and hopefully not our last! We had such a wonderful time! They are both such easy people to be with, and make you feel so completely at home.

Our visit started at the winery where they cater many of their events. We had a wonderful "tasting" followed by a personal tour of the whole winery and vineyards. Wish I could remember all the wines we tried, but I will say this; there was not a bad one in the bunch! Normally, I avoid these tastings due to some bad experiences previously, but these wines are so exceptional that there was no headache to follow! I am hoping that Lorraine will remember what we tried and can list them for me.

Because we were "friends of the chef" we received a free tasting and gorgeous wine glasses to take home. How cool is that???

We then followed Lorraine and Gil home and met Kitty Dawg, my new best friend. I tried to sneak her out with me when we left, but Lorraine was keeping her eye on KD. I'm not normally a cat person, usually preferring dogs, but this kitty is exceptional.

We drank more wine and visited while Gil made us a delicious dinner! We had pan seared filet mignon, huge yummy broiled shrimp, fresh broccoli, roasted tiny purple potatoes and fingerlings, and wonderful warm and crusty bread. Oh, and filled homemade pastry for dessert! Everything was delicious and Ron and I waddled to our car when it was time to leave.

I have to say, Lorraine reminds me of an Italian Nona. You can't leave her house without your arms loaded down with goodies. She is very talented at preserving fruits, making jams, and chutneys. Here is what she gave me: Brandied Cherries, Cherries in PMV Cabernet Franc, Ivy Creek Farm Viognier and Peaches, Jalapeno Jelly, Watermelon Rind Chutney, 2 jars of bourbon vanilla, Southwest seasoning and Berbere seasoning that Gil made, a cheese board and knife, Wine-a-Rita Peach Bellini Frozen Drink mix, and a bottle of Rapidan River Peach wine from Prince Michel Winery. Thank you Lorraine and Gil, this was better than Christmas!

On Sunday, we met Daphne and William for lunch in North Myrtle Beach. This was our third visit with them and they feel more like family every time we see them. We had a great time catching up and wish we could have spent more time together. We will, next June, when Daphne is on summer break.

So, here is the link to our photos and I hope it works! It should take you directly to my album in photobucket, then, click on slideshow.

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Oh my, what a fun get together it had to be! I hope it's not too much longer before we see Lorraine again and FINALLY meet Gil in person.

Gil & Lorraine, I would have killed for a kitchen like that at that darn hotel!! Wow, is all I can say.
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Great photos, Maryann! I LOVE that bar! And the kitchen ain't too shabby, either...even if Ron did keep saying, "It was just a kitchen." Not to me! WOW! BTW, have you managed to take a tour of some kitchens with Ron yet?

Kitty Dawg is adorable, Lorraine.
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It was not "just a kitchen" to me either, Daphne! Pretty impressive, I thought.

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The winery was originally built by a gentleman from France. Land for a vineyard was too expensive in France, so he came to Virginia. He bnrought along, from France, a Chef, Sous Chef, Pastry Chef etc. Don't know what the payroll bill wasa, but the restaurant didn't last long. It was by reservation only, NO walk ins were accepted. It is an incredeible kitchen to work in, and we love it.
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Love the pictures!!
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Very nice! Loved the picture show.
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Great pictures! WOW - that is not "just a kitchen"!!! Now we have got to get out butts back east this next spring.
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