Kiwi Berries
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Has anyone seen or tried these? I picked them up at Sam's the other day. Just had to see what they were. We are really enjoying them!

Kiwi Berries
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That's Kiwi fruit, right?

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I'll bet they were really tasty, too! Haven't seen them yet, but will be watching for them.

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Oh my! Baby girl will flip! She LOVES Kiwi! I'm guessing she's gonna love these, too! Thanks for the heads up, Erin!
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You are brave, Erin. I saw them but since I don't know what they are, I passed them by.

Tiny kiwi fruits that are entirely edible, how fun! On the list for next week...

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Wow, those sound great, I hope Costco carries them. My favorite Korean Beef recipe calls for massaging the beef with the juice from kiwis. It would be great to be able to put this in the little fP and use them for that as well as use them in salads.
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I had them last year around this time. They are so delicious, but expensive. I will check my Sams club this week, thanks for the heads up Erin!

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Hadn't seen them before. I'll look for them now!
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I'm allergic to kiwi fruit--my hands break out when I peel them--no telling what would happen in my digestive system!! I assume I'm allergic to the berries too.
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No, I have never seen the berries, but I'll sure look for them. The great flavor of kiwi without the mess, wonderful!!
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