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I have a bunch of CAH recipes to enter in my computer recipe management program, Living Cookbook. I am wondering if there are any members who have digitally inputted CAH recipes who would be willing to share their files with me. I would be happy to post any recipes that I have previously entered. I have tried scanning the recipes and it actually takes longer to scan, edit, cut and paste than it does to type in the recipe. If there are members who do digitize CAH recipes and are willing to share, then I will post the list of recipes that I would like. I do subscribe to the email recipes and can input those as needed. It is a real shame that CAH did not follow through with the option of publishing all recipes in the proposed Cuisine Member Plus web site. Fine Cooking has done a tremendous job in having all recipes available in digital format.
Look forward to hearing from any members!
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Barbara, I am computer illiterate, but someone will be by (probably Labs or CubanGirl) who will be able to work with you.
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I have some recipes in Living Cookbook, but not as many as I would like since I hand typing first (as opposed to capturing from the web) and thought the Plus site would be there when needed. Please post the ones you'd like and if I have them, I would be happy to fdx them for you. I am beta testing LC 2011 now, and streamlining the ingredient database to my needs before I give copies to my kids. I had planned to do it last year, but was not able to finish, and decided to wait till LC 2011. A couple of things I've found regarding recipes from any source is that it pays to do a Google search first. There are many sites and blogs that have recipes posted. If you do have to type them, I suggest doing the typing in the capture page. It is much faster than typing it in the ingredients, procedure etc. and easier to correct typos as well. Then do your capture as usual.
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Hi Cubangirl!

Thanks for responding to my call for digitized C@H recipes. I feel like I know you, as I have read many of your posts in the Living Cookbook forum and you actually did respond to a question that I posted. I have used MasterCook for many years and only switched this year to Living Cookbook when I upgraded to Windows 7 and I love Living Cookbook. I am still learning the ins and outs of the program and appreciate all the help and advice that you have posted in the LC forum. Since my post for digital C@H recipes, I have made good progress in inputting into LC. I will list the recipes that I am interested in obtaining:

Grilled Zucchini Fries with Lemon Vinaigrette
Parmesan Zucchini & Buttermilk Batter
Teriyaki Chicken Breasts with Stir-Fried Vegetables
Julia Child's Steak Diane

I will be happy to share any of the recipes that I have entered into LC with you as I have subscribed to C@H for many years.

Barbara Grimes
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I also have some C@H recipes in Living Cookbook, and like Cubangirl, have had some success finding recipes we really like through google. Unfortunately, I don't have any of the recipes you've listed!
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I think this may be the Steak Diane recipe you're looking for.
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The only recipe I could find using the search option is the Steak Diane. The C@H recipe can be found here:

Julia Child's Steak Diane

Sorry I can't help with the others. I'll try one more time with part of the title, like I did with the Steak Diane, but I'm not very hopeful.
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Thanks for everyone's help. Finding the Steak Diane in the forum was most helpful. I have finished entering the C@H recipes for the time being (I still have an entire notebook filled with recipes that I have saved over the years from the magazines!) I will be happy to share any of the recipes that I have in my computer recipe management program for those who put their recipes in digital format.
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Barbara, just keep an eye on the forum. We get a lot of requests for recipes. Usually, if I don't have it in MC, and it looks good, I'll copy paste into MC.
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I do not have any of the recipes you wanted. The chicken terriyaki (12/2005) sounds great. I will get back to entering recipes when the beta testing is over. BTW, if you type in the recipes but want the images, the plus site still has a lot of recipe images that can be easily copied into LC (much easier that scanning them).

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