UPS Scam Warning!!
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I check my spam folder every so often because some things I want end up in there - but, this a.m. I looked at the following msg. from UPS, I thought:

From: "UPS Information" <>
To: <>
Subject: UPS Online Service. Error delivery address number 8924
Date: Thu 10/14/10 06:28 AM

Good afternoon.

Your parcel has arrived at the post office on October 4. Our Driver was
unable to deliver the parcel to your address.
To receive a parcel you must go to the nearest UPS office and show your
mailing label.
Mailing label is attached to this letter.

You need to print mailing label, and show it in UPS office to receive
the parcel.

Thank you for your attention.
UPS Express Services.

The msg. had an attachment supposedly with the mailing label to take to redeem my pkg.

Roy stopped at UPS this a.m. and asked about it. Evidently there is a scam (or virus?) going around or however you word it and not to open the attachement,which I hadn't.

Jerks. Just wanted to alert all to watch for these emails.
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Thanks for the warning. Arse#oles!
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Good Grief! Lucky you didn't open the attachment! I'll pass this along. Thanks for the heads up.
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About a year ago a coworker fell for that scam because she had coincidentally just sent a package to her daughter. The virus completely took her computer down. The IT crew and to replace it until it was reformatted.

Yikes!!! If it had happened to her home computer, it would have cost her everything not backed up!
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My email virus picks this up as does Earthlink. It does not even show in the spam folder. It has been going on for a while. UPS would not notify the receiving user by email only the sender. Glad you thought to check.
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Thanks for the heads up, Jean.
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